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  • I want to start by saying if you plan to use this plugin for traditional sports such as baseball, football, etc…I’m sure it does an excellent job.

    Where it fails is with custom sports, in this case pinball (which you could call an e-sport, same deal). We found quickly that the plugin comes up short, though these comments apply to virtually ANY custom sport not in their list….

    1. The Getting Started guides are scant and lacking helpful information for you to build your league. You’re pretty much on your own figuring out what all the elements mean, and putting them together to create a functioning league.

    2. The documentation overall is horribly outdated, with most of it 2-3 years old and referring to functions and links that no longer exist in the plugin. We spent nearly 4 hours with the plugin before we could determine it didn’t fit our needs largely because documentation is so slim and unhelpful.

    3. Functionally, the plugin lacks helpful features such as automatic scheduling and the ability for players/anyone to enter scores in the front end without having to get an “Intro to Using the WordPress Admin” lesson.

    TL;DR: Using it for a “normal” sport? You’re good. Using it for a “custom” sport? Try another solution.

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  • Hi @co50,
    Great review.

    Regarding the 3rd point, I think it’s difficult to provide a one size fits all auto-scheduler for all sports. Each sport and sometimes even each league has its own requirements and rules. Still, it would be a nice addition even as an add-on.

    The front-end score entering should be easier to implement if there is enough demand for it.

    Except from the above mentioned features, is there anything else that is lacking for you to be able to use SportsPress for a pinball league ?

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    Are you a dev on this? If so, I can probably help you with the tweaks to make it work for pinball. I don’t think it’d be too hard.

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