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    Hi, I’m recently seeing an issue where the plugin is failing to purge the home page for a wordpress blog when a new post is published.

    I can manually purge it by doing http://homepage/purge/ so i think that means that my nginx config is right. I looked quickly inside the purger.php file in the plugin and it says it should be trying to purge siteurl, which is correctly configured for the same URL that i used in the successful manual purge.

    I turned on the logging function to see if i could find anything out, but I don’t know where the plugin puts its log. can you tell me that?

    can you think of anything that might be interfering with home-page purging?

    my setup is the result of having followed your tutorials for WP single site with nginx fast_cache, php-apc, and W3TC.


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  • Plugin Contributor pjv


    ok, i found the log and i see what the problem is. i was wrong about siteurl being correctly configured.

    i was also too brief when i said that the setup was the same as in your tutorials as there is one more significant piece that i left out. i am using git to manage my wordpress install, following this guide, and that results in my siteurl needing to have /wordpress appended to it.

    i can fix this issue for myself in this case by using WP_HOME instead of WP_SITEURL as the url for the homepage purge. but i am wondering if that might be the better URL to use for everyone. if so, i am happy to make the change and send you a pull request through github. otherwise i will do it for myself only and manage future updates to the plugin manually.

    thanks again.

    Plugin Contributor pjv


    went ahead and sent the pull request so you can decide whether you want to incorporate the change or not.

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal



    Thanks for another pull request. 🙂

    We have merged it into master and will release it soon.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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