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  • I have this all set up on and it is working great, or at least I thought it was. The test post worked fine yesterday. However, the first “LIVE” post was today and it didn’t go so well. The “LIVE” post did not show up on my Facebook Profile, but showed up on the App Community Page, in Facebook, instead.

    The Test Post worked just fine yesterday and I haven’t made any changes to SNAP’s settings or to the Facebook App settings. However, even the “TEST” post is not going to my Facebook Profile.

    No, I didn’t get any errors when I posted the “LIVE” post.

    It posted to Delicious, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Twitter just fine. Thanks to the Twitter to Facebook integration, the “LIVE” post was shared with Facebook, from Twitter, but not directly from my website.

    I checked the Facebook App Community Page and the “LIVE” post and all the “TEST” posts I’ve submitted, are showing up there.

    Why is this behaving this way?

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  • I think I may have answered my own question… I’ll report back on this soon.


    I did answer my own question, but can’t explain how it happened.

    Under the Facebook Settings, the “Your Facebook URL” was incorrect. It needed to be and it was which is weird.

    Originally, I had the correct URL because when I did the test post, it worked correctly, once. Then somehow it got switched. I don’t remember changing it, but I must have, right?

    So if I understand this stream correctly, and if I read the FB instructions correctly, posts to FB do NOT go to the community app page that you created? They will go wherever you tell them to go such as a profile or fan Page?

    The community page seems to have no purpose other than allowing you to create the app in the first place. (which is typical of FB)

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    When properly configured post will go to any FB page you own such as personal profile, business page or community page.


    Posts to Facebook wil go exactly to the Page/Profile you set them to go. In my case, the URL for the Community Page was incorrectly configured in this plugin’s “Your Facebook URL” setting. If that is where a person wanted the posts to go, it does work.

    However, when I changed the “Your Facebook URL” setting, to reflect the correct URL the NextScripts Plugin began posting to my Facebook Profile, as I had originally intended.

    This mix up in configuration, seems to be an issue, I caused, not the NextScripts Plugin.

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