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  • Can you make a test post? Just one or two words and post its URL here.

    I could make a test post, but how is this different from the one post I already have here?
    If there’s a reason for a new one just let me know and I will do it.

    Your first post is at the root, but you say it is NOT showing up on your blog page ( So, don’t you think it is contradictory? I just want to confirm your post (blog) page.

    I guess this is the problem … I don’t understand your question! I would LIKE the posts to be showing up on the “Blog” page that you linked to above. But if I go into Dashboard –> Posts –> Add new and make a new post (like I did with the example “A Fresh Start” above, it is just showing up on my homepage. Is it possible to have the posts directed to the Blog page, and then the home page would also scroll through the recent posts? Thanks so much for your help and patience in dealing with a newbie!

    It is wrongly set now. If you want your posts to appear at lyonsshareblog, set that as your posts page and any other page (say, home) as your static page.

    Megalin – Exactly what is the page you call your “Home” page? ( … Is that a Page you set up (using Page function — i.e. NOT the Post function)?

    Or is a category?

    If it’s a Page, your posts are not going to show up there. That’s not what Pages are for. They don’t pull in content from other places.

    If the “Home” section is a category, then when you make a blog post, you want to make sure to put the post in the “Home” category. (I would advise making a category called “Blog” however if you want to do something like that.)

    Thanks so much for continuing to try to help me, all! The Home and the Blog pages are both set up as pages, not categories – I don’t have any categories yet. The way I see it, there are 4 different aspects we’re talking about:

    1. permalink of the blog posts: this is working fine as you can see with
    2. What I could consider my home page (when you just go to my website root, this is doing exactly what I want it to do now. It shows the first few lines of each post (since I don’t have it set to a static page).
    3. The page you see when you click “Home” (or go to I don’t want this one to be here at all! I just want it to be the same as #2.
    4. Blog page: I want the full-length posts to show up here ( The way I see it, they have to be “going” somewhere, right? If I had a static front page instead, you wouldn’t even see my posts at all as it is now. My fear is that I had initially set up that permalink as “” and then deleted that page, but I think the posts may still be directed there, if that makes any sense. Any idea how to check this?

    Thank you SO, SO much for your help!


    OK, let’s take these in the order you presented them.

    1. OK, your permalinks are fine. Personally, I would take the date out of them because it’s supposed to be better for SEO, but if you want the date in them, then you can leave it. (I would still put the date at the end, however, not before the title. Again, it may help slightly with SEO.)

    2. Yes, that’s your ACTUAL homepage. It seems fine.

    3. That is just a page you made. You can delete it in your Admin area by going to Page > All Pages. Then just find it and delete it.

    In order to get your menu that says “Home” to go to your actual homepage (, then you’ll just need to change your menu. In your Admin area, go to Appearance > Menus. You can change it there.

    4. I’m not exactly sure what you want here. When you’re on your actual homepage (, and you click on a title, it goes to the full length version of that single post.

    You seem to be asking for a page that will show all your full posts one after another — i.e. like your homepage but with full posts instead of excerpts. Is that right?

    If you’d like, you can set up your actual homepage to show full posts instead of excerpts. Personally, I would keep the excerpts because they’re easier to browse. Also, some seem to think it helps for SEO purposes because you don’t have your full post showing in two different places (this is called duplicate content and search engines don’t like it). Google should be able to understand what you’re doing, and they say they do, but what Google says it does is not always what it does in reality.

    Anyway, it can be done by digging into the code a little and changing one thing. In your Admin area, go to Appearance > Editor > index.php. You’ll need to click the index.php file on the right hand side (also probably called Main Index Template) so that you can edit it.

    Once you have that file open in the editor, search for the_excerpt and replace it with the_content. Save the changes, and that should do it.

    Note – This will only do it for that particular theme. Also, if your theme is somewhat complex, then you may not find the_excerpt in the index.php file. If that’s the case, then it’s in another file that is being called into the index.php file.

    Hope this helps.

    @trivum, this is so very helpful!!!! I am so grateful that you took the time to read all of my rambling and make sense of it. I will fiddle around with things and see if I can make it better with your suggestions! It seems that wanting the blog posts to appear in full-length isn’t really optimum anyway.

    One question – if I delete the (“fake”) Home page that I created ( so that I just have my natural Home page (, can I still keep a button on the menu to take me back to the front page? I would call that button “Home.”
    Thanks again!

    Yes, you can still have a button that says Home that goes to the actual homepage. You just need to create it here: Appearance > Menus

    Menus are VERY powerful, and they will let you get the navigation you want. They’re worth taking a little time to learn.

    Right now when you create a new page, mostly likely it creates a new menu button for you automatically. That’s why you currently have a “Home” menu button (because you created a Page called home).

    With the menu system, you can completely override that automation and create the navigation you want. You can also put customized navigation in your sidebar with widgets (calling in a special menu you made).

    Leaning the menu system should help a lot.

    Good luck with it.

    This is great! I’m looking into it now. Thanks again, trivum!!

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