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    Admin, Template Kit > Export > 2. Select Templates

    If you are about to re-create existing kit for export and try to omit certain templates by leaving “Include Template in Export ZIP” un-ticked, the template is exported anyway. That checkbox has no effect.

    On top of that, it ends up with an error saying that you must “- Select Template Type -“. And which doesn’t make any sense because “Include Template in Export ZIP” checkbox is un-ticked.

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    Forgot to mention… even if the “unwanted” template is DELETED from Templates > Theme Builder, it still gets packed no matter what.
    No way to exclude it from export, it’s like a freaking pest, like Coronavirus…

    Same here,

    1 – Why I am seeing the templates from Theme Builder? And why I can’t exclude that templates? When I try to move forward returning to Select Templates steps with bunch of error messages. I need them for demo purposes only but not for exporting.

    2 – Why do we need to create templates again for demo purposes? Can’t you just add something to show Header and Footer for the templates that created under your kit?

    Hi @ooohboi

    Thank you for confirming the bug, we currently have that listed to fix for our next release, if you have any other questions or bugs send an email over to so our support team can look in to it.


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    Thanks for taking the time to respond!
    However, Brad – please don’t get me wrong – why would I send a private message if I spot the bug? It sounds like “please don’t let anyone else knows about”.

    What you should do – if you really want to see this template kit stuff succeed, is to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE MORE OFTEN. Nobody from the people in charge doesn’t do that, be it at Themeforest forum/user_support or here.
    I know it’s all about the budget and company priorities but the lack of communication feels like there’s nothing going on.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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