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  • Dear all,
    i need a help about my site.
    Probably after the upgrade to the version 4.4.1 I’m experiencing a couple of issues:
    – It’s actually not possible to edit pages from the admin panel: when I click on edit the page to do this will be opened but it’s not visible what it’s already published, so no possibility to change it
    – When I open the customize page, this page remains always loading
    – It seems that some pages (probably the ones with more tables) are published in a path which contains “sample-page” in the string, never seen before

    The theme I’m actually using is Catch Evolution Pro
    Could someone of you please help me?

    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

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  • Try turning on debug mode and see if any errors get reported.

    Hopefully this will identify the problem (I have a suspicion it may be memory limit related.)

    Hi, Shannon
    Thanks for the support, I tried as you proposed and directly from the site I’m not seeing anything after debug mode activated, instead from the wordpress control panel I see a couple of errors: 1 related to favicon.ico (not present in my site) and 1 related to a plugin.min.js (TinyMCE which I’ve never used).
    Starting from that I reinstalled a missed plugin called TablePress and now I’m able again to modify tables but I’m still not able to edit and create pages.
    Do you have an idea? Could be related to other missing plugins?
    Actually I have installed these:
    – Contact Form 7
    – TablePress (just reinstalled)
    – TinyMCE Advanced (just installed)

    Thanks again, bye

    Try this:

    1. rename /wp-content/plugins to /wp-content/plugins_bak
    2. Log into the dashboard
    3. Try to add/edit a page

    If that doesn’t work, go to Dashboard -> Updates and reinstall Latest version of WP.

    If you can edit the page:

    1. create new folder /wp-content/plugins
    2. copy plugins, one by one from /wp-content/plugins_bak to /wp-content/plugins testing the edit page after every plugin

    I suspect a bad plugin might be doing damamge.

    If not, try changing the theme to something like 2013 and see if it’s the theme.

    good luck



    Hi, Shannon
    thank you so much again, I tried the rename but nothing different happened, I tried the reinstallation of last version of WP but nothing again.
    I have to try changing the theme but it seems like no authorization to change everything (and I’m connected as Admin, I’ve checked the authorization but everything is fine), if I click also on “add new page” is the same.
    I’m not sure about something that seems duplicated:
    under the root I have wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes but I have also a folder called wordpress which contains the same folders. The files within the folders with same name are more or less the same but they have different dates: the more recents are in the root but the oldest are the files used by my site, do you think that could be related? and in case what could I do to solve this situation?
    Thank you again for your support 🙂

    look in dashboard -> settings – what is the site URL and home URL?

    Try clicking save on this screen – does it change anything?

    Do either of these URL’s contain /wordpress on the end? If you can’t view in here, access the DB directly and look at table wp_options for the same (home_url, site_url) and check there.

    If there is a /wordpress on the URL then you’re site is installed and running in /wordpress.

    If there is no /wordpress on either URL – then your site is installed in root and /wordpress directory is superfluous.

    If it is in root directory, you can delete but make sure you leave htaccess and index.php. other files to be wary of (not delete):
    google or bing files (webmaster verification)



    Hi again, Shannon
    we have:
    as wordpress URL address
    as site address URL
    both are in grey, so it’s not possible to change them from the dashboard, we tried to “save the changes” with the button and we received the message that the changes have been saved.
    so, it’s not so clear for me what I have to do

    thank you so much for your support during the last weeks 🙂




    just checked better, directly in the DB:

    is it necessary for me maintain the /wordpress also on the home? could I remove /worpress also from the home?

    thanks again

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