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    Disclaimer: I use this plugin’s commercial version, it’s never failed to back up to my Google connected storage and when I rebuild my site from time to time it just works.

    Whew! I’m glad that’s out of the way.

    If you are not a 100% guzz that knows what an API is, forget it. Its useless.- I spent 10 hours now trying to connect to Google Docs, FTP, Dropbox.

    It’s therapeutic to vent (to a point) but have you actually considered opening a support topic with the author via this link?

    It’s fine to leave a 1 star and that is permitted. But when you don’t bother to try to get support then it kinda invalidates your review. People do read the reviews (some people read all of them) and they do take into account that you’ve not posted a support topic.

    *Drinks coffee*

    It’s up to you of course. If you’d prefer to not seek help that’s OK.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi @southerndreams,

    Sorry to hear that! I’d echo Jan… I can’t guess at what you spent 10 hours doing, but, I’d certainly recommend posting a support request after the first 10 minutes; we’re very happy to help.

    Why do you need to know what an API is to use Dropbox? Setting up for Dropbox involves ticking “Dropbox” in the options, clicking on the “Click here to authenticate” link in UpdraftPlus, and then clicking on the “Grant permission” button that Dropbox then shows you.

    Google Drive is certainly more complicated, which is enforced upon us by Google – but that’s why it has a notice at the top of the instructions saying that it’s complicated and advising you to try something else if you find the instructions daunting. I’d question if it’s reasonable to give us a one-star review if you choose not to respond to that.

    And it creates backups that you can’t delete on your WP page.

    The button for deleting your backups is in the ‘Existing Backups’ tab. If you Google “updraftplus delete backups” then the top 3 results are all relevant.

    I still need to find out where they are on my webspace.

    You can Google “updraftplus where stores backups” – the answer comes out #1.

    AND I found out, even if you deactivate and delete it on your WP it sits still in your webspace.

    I don’t follow this bit. In WordPress, plugins are just a collection of files. If you delete the plugin, then by definition, you have deleted the files. What is the “it” that is not deleted after you have “deleted it” ? There’s a guide to what WordPress plugins are here that may help:

    Best wishes,

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    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Here’s a screenshot in case anyone else is having trouble spotting how to delete backups… it’s on the right:


    TNX a lot, replies are highly appreciated. First of all its the FREE version I use.
    I tried step by step connecting to any of the options that are given
    nothing worked. It was impossible to create a Google API to use the Google drive
    beacuse the help files were outdated.
    Email didn’t work. FTP didn’t work. Updraft Plus Vaulrt didn’t work. And let me say, I am Not a nubi. I have usually no problems to create an API or set up and use FTP. Of course one doensnT need a Google api fro the Drop Box. My writing mistake.
    I than decide to deactivate and delete the Plug in and went to bed. The next morning my ambition cought me and I thought, I give it a new try.
    Reinstall it and oups, I can’t install it. It was not possible to install it.
    Destination folder already exists. Ok, I log in look on webspace and theres the folder 🙁 DELETE it.
    Back to dashboard, install again.
    Surprise, there are 3 old backups. Where do they sit? I still didn’t have time to check, but despite me deleting the Updraft folder from my webspace, the backups are still there. This is what I mean is simply dangerous.
    Next thing, none of these backups can’t be deleted.
    A pop up says – delete back up are you sure? Than nothing, no button. Just the screen.
    Somehow accidentially I manage to get the thing running with a drop box.
    And now surprise, today I discover, I can’t restore any of the backups. Same blank pop up.
    Tried in three browsers including EDGE, which has no pop up blockers or any other add ons, as I only use it to check the llok of my websites.


    Destination folder already exists

    Delet - not possible
    Install backup not possible

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    UpdraftVault is a paid storage option, so, you can’t use it with buying an account. I can’t work out from your description what you were trying to do with it, given that the first thing it shows new users, when chosen, is the pricing?

    What happened when you tried Dropbox or FTP? What messages showed?

    If in the ‘delete’ window there was no button showing, then this means that you have another plugin or theme on your WP site which is loading CSS code onto UpdraftPlus’s settings page. If you selectively de-activate other plugins/themes, and reload the page, that will then reveal the culprit.

    “Destination folder already exists.” is the error message that WordPress core shows if you try to install a plugin which is already installed. This means that whatever you previously did when you tried to de-install the plugin the night before did not take effect, and the plugin was still there. As you say “Ok, I log in look on webspace and theres the folder”. This isn’t anything to do with UpdraftPlus itself…. plugin deletions are carried out by WordPress core, not by the plugins themselves.

    The two folder locations in a default WP setup are:
    wp-content/plugins/updraftplus – the plugin itself
    wp-content/updraft – the plugin’s data

    There’s nothing particularly ‘dangerous’ about files and data being in two separate folders; this is standard WordPress coding practice, used by all properly-written plugins. (Storing data in the plugin folder would mean that it would vanish every time you update the plugin).

    None of your screenshots show for me – I tried turning off all ad-blockers and using two different browsers, but without success.

    If you’re interested in using UD, the main thing is to describe the error messages you see when trying to use the storage, e.g. Dropbox. Perhaps, for example, you have a firewall issue on your server; that would account for why you can’t use any remote storage.


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