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  • Copiaurbietorbi


    As feedback,

    We are not pleased with the way the plugin is set, but also with the support provided to properly configuring it. This made us simply unistalled it.

    Perhaps you guys may need to include more people to help you with this area, while having videos, screenshots and all the information available to configure the plugin easy and efficiently, but also providing a lean and clean way to unistall it if the case arises.

    At the end all is about service quality and customer experience.

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  • Plugin Author David Cole


    @copiaurbietorbi You posted in support and all questions where answered quickly and efficiently, bugs where fixed and taken care of. Your leaving a one star rating on a free product that you received support for via WordPress forums and personal email. Contrary to your claims of poor support you received my full attention and help.

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do, I am the only developer of this plugin and it is free to use I ask nothing in return.

    To address your remarks above in order:

    1) Support for installing a WP Plugin? It is in the documentation, read me file. Click install and activate. This is standard on all WP plugins. Please elaborate on your problem with this?

    2) I develop this alone, it is my first and only plugin. I will do my best to include more videos and screenshots in the future. As for your statement of uninstalling it, another two clicks, deactivate and uninstall/remove in WP Plugins section. I fail to see the complication.

    3) As I state in my initial comments, you received my full and immediate attention. You have falsely claimed your support was not addressed when it was, this can be seen in the WP support forums.

    Thread Starter Copiaurbietorbi



    First of all, We are not falsely claiming anything that was not pertained to what we considered was our exoerience using your product and the interaction that we had with you here.

    As you probable noticed, we did not complain but we provided feedback, as we believed feedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings to adjust and improve current and future actions and behaviors.

    With feedback we take responsibility and instead of responding through impulses we say thank you.

    Once again, this is not a false claim in any way or form. We are not trying to discredit you or hurt your practice. And we state this to let the wordpress forum know about the situation as well.

    We hope this feedback help you improve your product and the service associated.

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