• I’ve bought the Dokan plugin and almost every other plugins that could come with it and overall it’s a pretty impressive plugin. I’ve wrote “Let’s face it” in the review title because it is what it is. Dokan isn’t as old and mature as Woocommerce but it’s more and more better everyday. Also nothing else could replace Dokan at this state. I’ve tried them all but if you want a store with commission system using Paypal Parrallel payments, there’s nothing better.

    The support is friendly but not so much open to ideas. I mean it looks like they have lots of work. I’m pretty satisfied with response time which is usually fast. Also for major issues they usually reply in hours.

    WPML: If you plan using WPML well be prepared that your site wont have “professional” grade. They even have a plugin that gives compatibility to WPML but it’s not 100% perfect. Issues with announcements, products, verification, etc. I added a wordpress popup plugin which sends user a popup when they go on a page that doesn’t work correctly and it’s written something like “Caution this page is in beta. Use english for 100% compatibility.” For the products I’ve used the Redirection plugin to send the user to the english version automatically.

    Like said earlier there’s nothing better than Dokan for what it gives.

    What I really don’t like about Dokan is their Stripe plugin which is totally useless and makes your stores disabled. Well when the Stripe plugin is Active every stores on the site ends up disabled until the seller activate a Stripe account. This is non-sense as most seller would just want to use Paypal payment.

    Other than the Stripe and WPML issues that I hope one day would get fixed there’s only two improvements (no bugs) I find.

    Product enquiry should be linked with Store support (paid plugin) when purchased. When you get the 2 it’s a mess. Seller can be contacted on email directly and setup a COD order ie. The product enquiry form should send the user to the ticket support (on-site messages system).

    Also the homepage is really weak. I’m sorry but any multi-vendor store website should have infinite scroll compatible loading products option. This impacts my business directly.

    I thank Dokan and I tell you : Buy it, it’s no Gold but it’s almost there and I think it’ll be soon as they have some time to develop their system even further. Just remember when Woocommerce had started it wasn’t Gold and look where they are today!

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  • Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Hello @g22,

    Thanks for this awesome and honest review. I hope we will be able to fix the glitches very soon and make Dokan even more complete.

    Thanks for being with us.

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