• Leaving a 5 star rating, because despite all its flaws, this plugin has increased our conversion value and brought in more profit. Can’t argue with that!

    It’s also very simple to use, quick to understand, and I like the user interface.

    I’ve bought the pro plugin, and it works well enough. If you’re going to buy, you should be aware of the following limitations (at the time of writing – July 2023):

    (And yes – some of these limitations could just be because of the way our site is configured. So your mileage may vary)

    1. It doesn’t work perfectly with Oxygen Builder.
      The shortcodes that you use to build your ‘special offer’ page didn’t work for us. Specifically, the shortcodes for the accept/reject buttons weren’t functional, and the shortcodes that displayed the product image did not format it correctly.
      We needed to hire a dev team to write custom shortcodes to resolve this issue.
    2. It doesn’t work perfectly with the ‘WooCommerce Product Bundles’ plugin.
      It can be used to offer a product bundle as an upsell. (So, if your customer buys a product, you can upsell them to a bundle using this plugin).
      However, it cannot detect when a product bundle has been purchased. This means that if your customer buys a product bundle, you can’t offer them a customised upsell offer based on that purchase.
    3. It feels a little buggy/unpolished at times.
      This one is totally subjective, and your experience might be totally different. In our case, this plugin brought with it small errors and conflicts with other plugins. While this is always bound to happen when working in WordPress, I feel like I always need to be watching for errors that this plugin might cause down the line.
    4. The support team’s English is adequate, but not perfect. So make sure that you communicate very clearly.

    So, why give a 5-star rating after acknowledging all of these limitations?

    Simply because it’s brought results. At the end of the day, our average conversion value is higher because of this plugin. It’s worth the investment.
    (On the flipside… this means that if there’s another plugin that can produce the same results, but with less limitations… I’d switch in a heartbeat)

    Also, their support team is willing to walk through the issue and fix it with you. They haven’t fixed every problem I outlined (they gave up on the Oxygen conflict and Product Bundle conflict… and maybe rightly so), but whenever their plugin breaks, they’ll fix it for you. Decent support, for a decent plugin.

    So, it’s a thumbs up from me… just be aware of exactly what you’re getting.

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  • Plugin Author WP Swings


    Hey @lachj

    We really appreciate your efforts for this elaborated positive review for us, Apart from this we have noted all your points regarding oxygen builder and bundles. We are updating our plugin next month and hoping oxygen will work perfectly very soon.

    We will also take care of your other points you mentioned, hopefully we can help you more and more in coming weeks

    We are happy that your sales get increased, at last this matters a lot, we will make sure to bring some good features in coming months


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