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  1. goalseeker2013
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Hope someone can help me urgently please.
    I have been trying to get the plug in members to work correctly as when a new member registers and logs in it takes them to the profile page not the home page, unfortunately it also does this when the main administrator logs in when using the admin username and password, in other words it treats them as an ordinary member without access to the rest of the site. Justin (of member plugin) tried to help out but after offering a code as a plugin it still would not work.
    He suggested I deactivate all of my plugins to see if one was causing a problem. I did this and it was still the same so I have unistalled the member plugin, now I cannot get access to my site the administrator log in takes me to a 404 error page with the following URL:- http://eac.eu.com/newsite/http:/eac.eu.com/newsite/http:/eac.eu.com/newsite/wp-admin/. I do not know why it is looking for the URL in triplicate.

    Can anyone please try to help me get my site back to a working condition for I have to hand it over to a charity after writing a manual for them as there is no one there computer literate.

    Thanks for any help I will be grateful

  2. goalseeker2013
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have been able to get into my dashboard by entering a page url However I visited the site at http://eac.eu.com/newsit to find that all the pages have a mirror image of the page under the actual content. Does anyone have a reason for this please I have not come across it before.

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