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  • The whole experience is not good. For me it’s not useful yet, especially not in comparison with the regular current Editor (TinyMCE+Text). “Gutenberg” feels not intuitive, even the fact that is an alpha version (and yes I call it that way, as this feels like proof of concept only, a working alpha, not more). The interface is scattered and even for experienced web users it feels not intuitive. It is no fun to use currently. It was relatively easy to do the Einstein test tasks for an experienced web user. However, giving this to my clients (average users, editors etc.) is a no go currently. It’s not what they have asked for. They need an Editor like the regular one in WordPress Core or a Page Builder Plugin. Each of these two has its purpose for various pages, posts etc. The Gutenberg Editor could not replace both. Especially the current Gutenberg version 0.4.0 not even rendering HTML (div, etc.) is just unbelieveable. Leave Gutenberg as a plugin, let it grow another one or two years and please beware of putting this into WordPress core anytime soon.

    Another thing that makes me so sad about this:
    It is “marketed” like crazy as the “revolution” WordPress would need. And like the title “Gutenberg” it is suggesting this would be the revolution Johannes Gutenberg was to printing. LOL, this “Gutenberg” 0.4.0 thing is no revolution and it is nothing the majority of the actual WordPress users have asked for.
    I totally get the concept behind Gutenberg, even when there was no release, even no demo. Eagerly awaiting it, trying and testing since 0.2.0. But so disappointed I cannot even find the words to explain my feelings…
    If this is going into core, I will install one of the many “replace-Gutenberg-with-the-Editor-we-know-and-used-before” plugins and/or in combination with a page builder like “Elementor”. And for sure, all my clients will get the same (and might ask for it…).

    Sorry, but “Gutenberg” as it currently is, is not the revolution WordPress might need.

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