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  • One of my blogs has a problem with Technorati. Everything was correctly configured, but I noticed after they started their blog search that none of my posts show up, and I’m not listed on the blog search results (even days after I added my tags). I’ve been waiting and waiting for an e-mail from the Technorati people. Now, I was trying to fix it, and I removed my claim to claim again. But it said “Error > this is not a claimable blog URL.” (Or thereabouts.) Now I can’t claim it.

    I’m wondering, while I sit waisting time, if it’s some problem with my blog/something Word Press folks can see. The URL is

    Now I also think there might be a problem with my RSS feed.

    – Because lately Feedburner has said I’ve had no circulation.
    – I see it in Feedburner, but I don’t have a reader.
    – When I tried adding it to My Yahoo! I got the error that the feed URL couldn’t be found.
    – Feed Validator said it it’s valid.
    – It also said the Feedburner feed is valid, too.
    – (Feedburner’s) FeedMedic Reports
    “No FeedMedic notices exist for this feed. Apparently, it’s been quite healthy. Well done on your part!”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What can I do? Anybody have a clue?

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  • Your feeds are there, they appear to be working. Did you “ping” your site through Technorati or Pingomatic? It should do it automatically, but do it anyway to make sure.

    I’ve found that lately, with everyone interested in blogs and Technorati and such, that it is taking longer for my posts to appear on their site directories and such. Give it a couple of days or a week and see if this is the same thing.

    And check out Google Blogsearch to see if you are listed there? If not, submit your site there, too.

    I do have it set up automatically, but I also manually did it with Technorati a few times. And I just went to the Ping-o-matic site and did that. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully it will work, or something will work! Or they will e-mail me back!

    I’m listed on Google Blog Search. But I never show up in the related blogs, and I can’t figure that out.

    Update: I just got an AUTOREPLY from Technorati days later! That is weird!

    I’m having exactly the same problem with technorati tags described above. I recently “claimed” by blogs, and technorati immediately stopped registering my tags.

    Technorati did register my tags before I claimed my blog.

    I have noticed that categories show on my feed page at this address:

    but not

    Can I get the tags added to all the feeds?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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