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    Gutenberg already caused me an headache and a couple of days of time wasted. It will break some plugins I have paid for, and if you put it into the core you will force many people to change their websites hardly.

    The classic-editor plugin is absolutely a non-sense. You will put out a plugin to fix the problems you’re going to cause to thousand of websites. Why don’t just let Gutenberg be a plugin, and don’t break wordpress core with something almost useless?
    I don’t see the reason why you want to make WordPress something stupid like Wix.

    If I have to spend days and money to re-build my website, I sill most probably change CMS entirely.

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  • Hi Leo,

    I regret to read that Gutenberg cost you head-aches because of plugin incompatibilities. I hope you were using a staging environment for your tests.

    Now that Gutenberg developers have finished most features they wanted to release in the first version of the editor, the next huge task is to find and tackle all incompatibilities with a particular set of plugins as well as a co-existence with popular page builders. So when you write: “It will break some plugins I have paid for”, I wonder if you could share more details either here or on the Github repository, so that the issues can be fixed before the editor merges into core. I also have found a few plugins to show some quirks or white screen of deaths, and I share the information with the plugin developers, as well as filing an issue on the Gutenberg repository.
    Yes, it’s a little more work, to create an issue, and if you share some more information, maybe I can test it together with you and see what’s happening.

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    Here’s the thing that I state a lot.

    These are support forums. They’re not discussion forums. They’re not anyone’s blog.

    This is a review. After the 1st reply this went downhill from there very quickly.

    The name calling stops now. I don’t know what causes a few people (thankfully!) to feel that becoming their worst self online is acceptable. That might be the case elsewhere but certainly not here.

    Here’s some choice quotes. I’ll start with the nicer ones.

    “Garbage”, “Guten-Diet” (I don’t even get that one), “What Automattic going to do is a deliberate act of prevarication. I don’t think I can stand it.”

    I get that you don’t believe it, but you are wrong. Automattic is not That’s not semantics, I’m not playing any games here. Automattic contributes time and effort to the open source project but so do many other companies.

    Here’s my favorite quote.

    The “classic editor plugin” is going to be like the South African Apartheid, or the Indian Reservations for the Native American Tribes. I don’t think free people should accept it, and for sure I won’t do it.

    Really? I mean honestly, really?

    I’m closing this review and archiving the replies. The same is happening to other reviews where people stopped contributing and started ranting. The replies are not deleted and any moderator can read them. Regular users cannot see them.

    Ranting once in while happens. That’s OK. Sometimes we all lose our mind and go way overboard. That’s allowed to a point.

    But I’m putting the accounts that went too far and treated this site like their very own soapbox (look it up) on moderation watch. They’ve earned a time out.

    If they want to contribute, cool. If they want to insult people and the efforts of others, if they want to impugn on the motivations of those people then that won’t be allowed.

    NOTE: there is a difference between disagreement and insults. Disagreement is fine. Insults? No. Not on this site.

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