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  • Dear WordPress (and authors),

    I am not happy that you are releasing versions every month.

    Here are the weakness that I have experience on my own using the administration.

    I am not happy that I can’t learn from the annoying message what is new and to decide myself when to upgrade or not.

    And I don’t want 3lines of my screen to be used with such a big label:


    WordPress X.X is available! Please update now.


    Put this label somewhere that it won’t take so much space. Good choice is the right column in the admin

    Also I want to see “remind me after a week, don’t show anymore” links there.

    It would be great if you put some nice features in the build in wordpress editor like:

    * DT/DD type lists
    * Code/Pre tags
    * Highlighters for the popullar computer languages

    Its really painfull to post IT articles without those.

    Maybe the wordpress developers should start bloging with wordpress to check what is missing?

    Another thing is when I save a brand new post I am redirected to new page with “Success” message and the page is empty – is very strange – I want my article back – and I don’t want to search for it.

    Have you try to insert a link in a post? If I put a link to wordpress in the middle of a sentence the link will not stop.

    Why I don’t have the option under install or in “plugins” to install a spell checker for the used/selected language?

    WP is nice for writing such helpfull articles. I expect a perfect blogging expierience from the world leading bloging platform.

    Best wishes and happy coding.

    /The user

    Not happy with WordPress

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  • I expect a perfect blogging expierience from the world leading bloging platform.

    Need I remind you that WordPress is free? If you don’t like it, you are perfectly free not to use it. There are plenty of us out here who are grateful for all of the volunteers who make WP the leading blogging platform.

    Oh Chrisber,

    Please also be reminded WordPress is “popular” because it is made for people who wants it to get better… if anyone have an advice, Matt and orther developer should listen and take action.

    It is free, but it is not an excuse to acuse people who suggests.

    The air is free, you are good to breath it, but what if some one fart beside you to take your first morning fresh air away?

    We are all greteful for what other do for us, on the other hand, gudata did not said a bad word about WP thus far.

    Let us just be nice to each other, shall we?

    We are all greteful for what other do for us, on the other hand, gudata did not said a bad word about WP thus far.

    kidjam: We must have read the post very differently.

    Sometimes I wish it was for pay — because getting help is tough sometimes and I would gladly support premium services for personal help right now. I can’t publish my posts since yesterday and have no help at all so far — so I’m not benefitting from it despite the cost.

    There is a lot to like about WP and it is much better than Movable Type — but to dismiss criticism because WP is “free” can lead to not improving it and making it even better.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    IT work is no different than any other work. If you want somebody to do it for money, you call in a professional.

    There are several routes to get paid support for WordPress. We highly recommend making a post to the wp-pro mailing list. Many people there offer paid support services.

    Well, I do get WP through my domain site, which I do pay for. I get a reply here within minutes, but not with my other problem…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    but to dismiss criticism because WP is “free” can lead to not improving it and making it even better.

    Criticism that is not constructive is not helpful and easier to dismiss.

    What is “constructive” in this context? That one’s easy. In order to offer criticism and have people listen to you, one must offer their suggestions in a more open way.

    Let’s examine the original post, shall we? It contains a bunch of one-liners with ideas. Most of them are horribly bad ideas (in my own personal opinion), but some of them might have some merit. However, by this shotgun approach of offering dozens of ideas, it doesn’t lend itself to starting discussion and dialogue. Furthermore, many of them are expressed as a simple statement along the lines of “it-should-be-this-way”, which many people will take as harsh or demeaning. What if somebody disagrees with you? Making flat statements like this is not constructive.

    If you want to get your ideas implemented, here’s how to behave:
    1. When you suggest your idea, do so with the full knowledge that:
    a) Many others will not agree.
    b) There may be better reasons to do it another way, that you are unaware of.
    c) Your idea probably will not be accepted without modification by other people’s opinions as well.

    2. Discuss your idea and modify it accordingly. The key word is “discuss”. Don’t go in thinking that your way is the only true way. Realize that many other people use WordPress as well, and they use it for a wide, wide variety of different purposes. It is 57% of the blog marketplace, you know. That’s a lot of users.

    3. Once you’ve fleshed out the idea, don’t expect somebody else to do the grunt work for you. If you’re not willing to see it through to completion and push for it, then don’t bother. Just throwing your idea out there isn’t going to work unless you care enough to try to get it implemented too.

    These are not WordPress specific suggestions, these are general open source principles. Open source software is made by everybody… And “everybody” includes you. If you’re not willing to do what it takes to get your ideas out there, then you may as well make your suggestions to the wind and the trees for all the good it will do.

    Thanks, Otto

    You said pretty much everything that was on my mind when I responded to the original post.

    hey, while the original post could have been worded nicer (it sounds too demanding), I think his points are entirely valid and should be noted just like other suggestions should be noted.

    At least he also posted it here as well and not just ranting off on some obscure weblog.

    The good thing of Open source is If you don’t like some thing you can modified it.

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