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  • ep2012



    So I literally hired someone to go thru all of my sites & do some edits & add the plugin if it wasn’t already there.

    He finished it 3-4 days ago I think.

    I’m very ill, so I didn’t see the spam coming into my inbox until a few hours ago.

    I thought he made a mistake until I asked my website coder about it.

    That’s when he said that you guys did an update, but didn’t make it so vs 2 would still work until we changed the keys.

    Now not only have I gotten tons of spam on almost all of my sites, since there was an auto responder in place, they now have my e-mail.

    This means I’m going to have to delete these e-mails in a few months & redo ALL of my newsletters, tell all of my contacts, etc.

    NOT HAPPY!!!

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  • Laurent



    Yes I have same issue since recaptcha v3 for contact form always spam.
    It was never the case with recaptcha v2.

    then please send solution and give us possibility to choose recaptcha v2 or v3



    Do not bother to SEE THIS before posting. It does not help. I have been working for hours and no result trying to use 5 different plugins to get them to work. They do not. and the Explanation at the above link is not even an explanation. More like a few who figured it out patting each other on the back about how smart they are. There is NO HELP at that link.

    thompsonaire – I don’t see any link above re: help. Just your comment & one other.

    So what do we do since you said you tried multiple plugins??? : (

    Is there a way to go back to vs 2???


    Ok, so there was an update to the plugin, but they aren’t telling us anything?

    What’s wrong with the support to this plugin? Why aren’t they communicating with us?

    Has anyone else updated & see no spam results?


    This solution works for me:

    and please!! people, why don’t you read the countless messages about this mess in the forum? In the meantime my inbox is not flooded by spam, but by forum messages, all telling the same.

    FYI to those who don’t know, the update to Contact 7 solved the problem.

    Happy Holidays!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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