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  • Test with Gutenberg 2.1.0

    About me:
    I’m using wordpress for real homepagework (not design development, but day to day content work!)
    And I’m teaching wordpress for beginners for years
    And … I’m not happy with Gutenberg.

    1.) Don’t repair something which is not broken! In my Gutenberg test I could not find anything which I could not do with classic editor. And in most cases, classic editor can do it much better. So you replace a working system with thousands of well integrated, working plugins with a totally new system with less features, poor user interface, more complicated to use and problems for a lot of existing plugins!
    2.) It’s much harder to start for beginners. Until now I only have to say: “Open a new page and start editing like you know it from MS-Word or Google Docs.”
    With Gutenberg you have to select a block first and – if you want/need really formatting – you have to know that you have to use the classic block (all others are nearly useless for such a task).
    3.) Changes in existing content are much more troublesome. If you have written a lot of text in a normal paragraph block and discovering the need of extended formatting afterwards, … you have a really problem! => A change to classic block is not possible! And the need for changing block types if you need serious formatting is painful. (In classic editor you can everytime format everything in every manner you like!)
    4.) The whole block concept adds an additional level of complexity and only makes sense if used in a page builder. (And page builders have a lot of downloads!) But Gutenberg looks only like a extremely crippled try of a page builder and does not justify the added complexity at all.
    So I gave only 1 Star for Gutenberg (at least in present version)

    Details of my testing + results:

    WP 4.9.2
    Theme: Twenty sixteen

    what worked:
    +) before created test page with headings, paragraphs, image, gallery, list, shortcode and a table of contents (plugin: easy table of contents) was converted into a classic block without visible differences in the resulting webpage
    +) adding new Gutenberg blocks below works and Gutenberg headings are shown in table of contents
    +) publishing works

    Problems (which maybe could be fixed):
    a) Inserting Link in classic block sometimes doesn’t work at all, but the options (open link in new tab) never work!
    b) Editor window is much too small! Classic Editor uses whole screen with – like shown in resulting Webpage. Gutenberg leaves 1/3 of the screenwith unused blank. That makes editing and formatting longer Text a pain, compared with classic editor – and it is no WYSIWYG as webpages uses the screen with like classic editor! (very bad ui design!)
    c) All link-inserting (text, image, button) in Gutenberg blocks doesn’t have important options like “open link in new tab”
    d) All text related Gutenberg blocks (paragraph, list, heading, …) need all formating options – and have only a few. (TinyMCE Advanced hast millions of downloads because people want and need extended inline formatting everywhere!) In my workshops the most asked question is always: “How can I format this …”
    e) Converting blocks is very limited (Every time I need real formatting, I have to use a classic block, but other blocks can not be converted into a classic block! Even a cover image can not be converted into a normal image!) => a real conversion all to all is needed!
    f) When editing a longer classic block (more than screen high) and scrolling down, the editing toolbar is unusable behind the “post updated message” (must close it manually before editing again => bad ui design!)
    g) Custom fields from plugins at the bottom of the page doesn’t work for all plugins like in classic editor, for example “WP Asset CleanUp” works, but “Easy Table of Contents” does not.
    h) The “Help” and the “Screen options” buttons at the top of the screen are gone with no replacement
    i) In classic block all buttons like “insert media” and “insert shortcode” (plugin: Shortcodes Ultimate”) above toolbar are missing
    j) Changing editor is unstable => have changed my to Gutenberg converted test page with plugin “classic editor” back to classic editor and edited some small things (Link target for Gutenberg image an button, deleted a line) and tried to open it afterwards in Gutenberg again: error (and “Attempt recovery” does not work/help). Have checked and revoked made changes in html-view but Gutenberg can not start again on this page. A conversion Gutenberg – Classic – Gutenberg without any editing works, but when reopening in Gutenberg, Gutenberg wants to convert all in Gutenberg defined classic blocks to classic blocks again. (also not very trustworthy)
    k) After changing back to classic editor, a gallery created in Gutenberg is shown as gallery on webpage, but can not be edited as gallery in classic editor

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    First, thank you for taking time to leave a review and also for such a thorough review. Let me try and reply to a few of your points.

    I think it’s important to think about what you find easy maybe isn’t the same for others. That in mind when you say it’s easier for you, perhaps this is down to a few factors like you are used to a particular way. This said, let’s dig a little more into the specifics you raise.

    Can I ask do you often train people? I notice you say that you say ‘just open’. Does this indicate you train others often?

    I notice you focus on classic block as the one you seem to have used. Was this due to a plugin conflict or are you trying to get rid of Gutenberg for your experience?

    Training: about 4 workshops a year + individual customers between
    Next workshop next week
    Focus of workshops: day to day work with WordPress WITHOUT the need of external help/designer/experts.

    My focus:
    I work myself with WordPress but have also to dig deeper to know all (or at least a lot of) WP possibilities without programming to be able to answer the usual questions in my workshops and from individual customers. And they are all more or less beginners. And I know very well the usual problems, questions and needs which they have.

    My test:
    To be able to answer the upcoming questions about Gutenberg (and there will be questions!) I had to test both plugins: Gutenberg + Classic Editor
    Which includes changing between them.
    In Gutenberg I have tested all available Blocks and missed options and formatting (as stated).
    Classic block – or Classic Editor – is only the answer to the usual question: “How can I format this?” (and make it bold is NOT enough inline formatting!)
    And allow formatting only for the whole block (Font Size, Text Colour) – and this only for a paragraph block – is also not enough. People want to emphasize also single words within a paragraph/heading/… in every possible way.

    Taking most of this possibilities away and sell it as “better system” … would not work for my trainees.

    I’m not anywhere near an expert on WP or its intricacies.
    After trialling Gutenberg the first thing I noticed was the LACK of features.
    The main things missing (for me) are
    1. No option to set font color in headings
    2. No background color option in headings
    3. No option to select individual text within a text block for highlighting or other color options
    4. Again in headings; how about options like shadow, special font etc.

    Maybe I’ve been spoilt (I use a page builder) but when I heard about Gutenberg I assumed it would make Elementor, Beaver, Thrive Architect et al obsolete.

    Hello WordPress-Gutenberg Personal!
    Sorry to say I am not happy with WP Gutenberg. I have used WordPress original for blogging the last two (2) years.
    A) WP Original took me awhile to learn, took your online classes.
    “WP Gutenberg” is lost in it’s translation to me.
    B) Clip art, photos, graphics used in my post are very, very difficult to add.
    C) Fonts, color, size, – what happened to them? I did find heading which only gave me H2, H3, H4. Where are my other choices?
    D) You have to use too many blocks to get what you really want.

    I think WP Gutenberg programmers forgot that some of us are “normal” humans. Well me I’m a “bonkers human”.
    WP Gutenberg is great if you speak fluent HTML. I am not fluent, understand a little. But having to do that is a real hassle for me and takes me forever. In this day and age any application should not be that difficult to understand.

    Your help does not “help” me with what I need!! Do have one that a “human” can use??

    I want to thank all of you working with with out you we wouldn’t have WordPress Original for blogging in so many varieties.
    WordPress Original
    I miss you!!!!
    Thanks for reading!

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