• I purchased Envira Gallery in February of this year to be heavily used in a Festival website. The photos and galleries were a integral part of the design. One of the features I used was tagged dynamic galleries with gallery templates. Allowing be to create a single gallery template and re-use it throughout the website. If I wanted to make a design change, I’d do it in one template and all galleries would have those new changes. This worked fine until a plug-in update on about Aug 31. Then all my galleries no longer displayed.

    I’ve been contact with support several times. They’ve confirmed it as a bug introduced in their update. But in nearly three weeks zero progress has been to fix the problem. I was told I had to recreate all my galleries as individual galleries if wanted them to display again. The festival is now over.

    Envira will not be used on this website for next years festival. I’ve already purchased NexGen. I don’t like calling out a company in a public support forum. But their lack of a solution was just bad business and poor service.

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  • I’m very sorry you had a poor experience with us. It was not our intention, and we are certainly working on addressing the bug. It does take some time for us to be able to address and resolve, and I apologize that it wasn’t able to be completed in a more timely manner for you.

    We always strive to do well by our customers and not let you down. I’ll make sure we work hard so that this doesn’t happen in the future!

    Co-Founder of Envira Gallery

    For what it’s worth, my experience with Envira Gallery and its developers is quite the opposite. In fact, the support, and timeliness of support, I’ve received has been stellar. Kudos to Barbi and James for all of their help and putting up with me. 🙂

    Prior to this one bug which they introduced in a recent update, that completely killed my web project. My support from Envira had been very good. But for some reason they just flat refused to fix this bug. Not even giving me access to a previous release of their product. Still after over 2 months, the bug still hasn’t been fixed! And my galleries still don’t display.

    I stand by my first comments and assessment of Envira.

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