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  • This is good in concept but not good in pratice because of the lack of the following important features:

    1) Cant set it to check only media folders (e.g. 2016, 2017 etc), and it will check the whole Uploads folder. Therefore it reports files as “not being used” as actually being used, like we have geo location data, ithemes security logs, backups etc. We are only interested in the media items, so would like to specify media folders

    2) Does not show thumbnails, only a list. If you have an image called 3e67dhw39d3.jpg you have no chance knowing what it is whether you want to delete it or not

    3) It checks the posts if the images are used or not. This is not actually the best way. What i would expect is to compare the Uploads folder to the Media section in WordPress. I would like to delete files in uploads that are not listed in Media. Instead it is suggesting to delete files that are in Media but just not in any post (does it even check ACF fields?)

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