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  • I’ve built membership sites using joomla and drupal that were awesome. So when I went to convert my latest WP site to a membership site I was amazed at the lack of quality choices, given the abundancy in the WP plugin ecosystem.

    UM looked pretty good… solid website… some good reviews. But I’ve been hacking this thing for 4 weeks. I’m finally done, but each week it was really tempting to start from scratch, but of course the time already invested guilted me into continuing.

    I think there was little-to-no UXT on this after dev… lots of weird stuff and programming no-no’s baked in, like !Important declarations hardcoded into most of the internal css files –so you can’t override some styles and the ones you can you have to use your own !Important dec’s which is problematic in other places along the cascade.

    Admittedly I built something pretty damn cool after 4 weeks of hacking and rewriting, and 2000 lines of jquery to jerry-rig the front end, half of which were overrides and fixes that should not have been needed.

    Support is almost non-existent. The UM support forum shows “The forum ‘General Support’ is closed to new topics and replies.”

    After weeks of hacking this, reading forum Q&A, etc, it seems to me like a couple kids built something kinda cool in 2015 then got bored or turned their attention elsewhere, now they just collect residuals. Which is fine… happens all the time… just change your marketing of the plugin to “no longer supported.”

    The $100 or so (can’t remember, dont care) that I paid was nothing compared to the value I am trying to create in my business… I would have paid 10-20 times the price for a better, more scalable, and supported solution.

    Based on all my frustrations, overtime spend, and poor support, 1 star is probably deserved. But there is some good functionality in some parts of the plugin.

    In short, if I could go back 4 weeks, I’d have chosen a different solution, and I’d recommend the same to anyone else. If you just want to tweak your hobby site login/registration pages and profiles a bit, the free versions of this is great. If you need a robust solution for your business site, don’t buy this barely-supported plugin.

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  • Although UM it’s probably technically the best choice among the lackluster performers

    That’s not even close to being true. There are, for example, several membership plugins that use the default WP users table instead of creating their own. You need to look again.

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