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  • Hi. This is the first time I have tried using World Press and I have managed to get the theme looking like the web site BUT what I can’t seem to undersand is.
    a. I have managed to remove the side bar, and the comments, as I don’t want comments. It’s to be used to let friends and clients see how an extension is going. I can’t get the categories to work, I changed uncategorised to Miscellaneous, what I really want is it to default to Week 1.
    b. When I tried to add an image it doesn’t appear, is there an easy way to do this. Please can someone help as the extension will be built before I figure this out.
    This is sooooo hard to do. It said it would be easy!!

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  • Forgot to give you the URL!

    It said it would be easy!!
    It says it is easy to install – which is true.

    Unfortunately, people assume that the customization would be just as easy. Which is false.

    So, in answer to my question, what do I do?

    Did you have any questions?
    No question under a).
    b) – (an old article about basics)
    an updated one for WP 2.x
    The codex is your friend…

    You can’t put anything on the “blog” page except posts. You can do a post & put images there. Whatever you put in your posts page will not appear on your site. Go into Options, Reading and choose where you want everything to appear.

    Sorry – I am a complete newbie at this. I have managed to get the background colour, heading and the text where I want them and the right colour. What I can’t seem to understand is how do I put an image on the post. This is supposed to be a series of weeks and photographs showing the prgress of the extension. I can’t get a photo to appear!!!! I read in one reply it says go into Reading and say where you want everything to appear. When I go into reading I don’t have anywhere to put anything other than how many posts I want to appear on a page. Please, please, please can someone help me out. I have spent all day trying to get to grips with this, I know it is my lack of knowledge of CSS/PHP that is stopping me understanding what on earth I am supposed to do next.

    Adding an image to the post can be done through the admin screen under the upload section of write page/write post. Just browse to the file required and upload it…

    The link Moshu gave does explain regarding the alignment of images but perhaps something like this would help more i’d say run through the examples in notepad on your local machine, gain experience then come back to wp.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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