• Not good plugin. I explain why in my first review but somebody remove my review. I do not need help. I only want to leave my point of view about this plugin. It is bad. Please accept my review and try to do better this plugin. Thank you anyway for it.

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  • @camefelix we appreciate you sharing your point of view. I’m sorry that you didn’t have a great experience. We’re continually making improvements, so your feedback is helpful in any case. We welcome a support topic if it is related to something not working for you and if you’d like help. Since the review section isn’t for support that may have been related to why the initial review was moderated.

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    Thank you for your help Reene Johnson. As explained before this plugin was working one month perfectly but a day I get a notice from the wordpress:

    Desde WordPress 5.2 hay una característica incorporada que detecta cuándo un plugin o un tema causa un error fatal en tu sitio y te avisa mediante este correo electrónico automático.

    En este caso, WordPress ha detectado un error con uno de tus plugins, Site Kit by Google.

    Primero, visita tu web (web)y comprueba si hay algún problema visible. A continuación, visita la página donde ha sido detectado el error (https://web.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?_fs_blog_admin=true) y comprueba si hay algún problema visible.

    Por favor, ponte en contacto con tu alojamiento para que te ayude a investigar más a fondo este problema.

    Si tu sitio parece roto y no puedes acceder a tu escritorio con normalidad, ahora WordPress tiene un «modo de recuperación» especial. Este te permite acceder de forma segura a tu escritorio e investigar más a fondo. (…)
    The chart was broken and redirecting to index without any other link. The debug mode was also not working with the same problem. Same days before I detect other problems with a very slow web but i do not know if there is any connection with the problem with site kit. Now the web is working with a backup copy of it and without this plugin. I hope can help and get a better plugin in the future. Thank you again. Hasta la vista.

    @camefelix I’m following up to let you know that we’ve made several improvements to the plugin thanks to feedback like yours. Feel free to try the latest version and let us know about your experience.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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