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  • Looking at the capabilities, this plugin really is a great e-commerce plugin. However, this plugin is made to FORCE you to buy their themes.

    Theming this by oneself is impossible. You are forced to have their pages, and also the widgets don’t appear on normal wp pages, just on the their pages.

    So you can’t have pages that display products from certain categories and add widgets where you want, thereby making a custom site. You have to use THEIR pages (why would they even do this?), and it is their way or the high way.

    As I said, this plugin is made to force you to buy their themes.

    Why not just have a free version with limited capabilities and a paid one with extended capabilities and allow people to make custom sites damn it?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I don’t see how a plugin can force you to do anything. If theming is impossible, then how do you explain all the third party themes on sites like theme forest?

    WC uses WP post types and taxonomies, so if you understand the fundamentals of those and WP theme design, it is possible.

    If you’re looking to integrate with an existing theme, we provide several docs on adding compatibility.

    As for widgets, layered nav/price filters are designed to filter the current view, so of course they only work on shop and taxonomy ‘pages’.

    I completely disagree with this comment, I am a WP developer and I have built several extensions to Woocommerce, to customise it for client needs. I know loads of people who are happily using Woocommerce with themes that aren’t built to work with Woocommerce, some have had developers like me make changes, but others have made them work themselves, and aren’t even that technically savvy.
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    @this is reply for the author, I just noticed another comment from some person to which I have nothing to say as his comment is out of place.

    Not impossible per se since anyone can view PHP code when downloaded, but nearly so. Are you telling me you can make a theme for your plugin just like you would any other theme?

    All I found for integration is copying the post.php page and renaming and changing something there, of course I am not gonna spend too much time learning how to make a theme just for this plugin. That integration thing shouldn’t even exist.

    As for the widgets, they should appear anywhere, what if I want a filter on my home page but it is not my shop page?

    I tried to be constructive with my criticism since as I said in the first comment it is the most powerful one I found and it is a shame it is not normal, so to speak.

    Forced pages and widgets appearing on certain pages only may be “of course” for you (and just the fact that you have to “integrate” the theme is ridiculous), but my mind cannot comprehend that.

    Again, I tried to be constructive but because this is writing not speaking it may sound rude though it really wasn’t meant to be.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @ vk011

    As for the widgets, they should appear anywhere, what if I want a filter on my home page but it is not my shop page?

    You’re filtering the current view/query – so that logically fits into product archives (shop page) and product taxonomies (categories + tags etc).

    If you want to show products on your homepage (as a shop page) thats possible too.

    If you’re wanting to filter products you output via custom functions + shortcodes however, thats not going to work because WC won’t be able to “see” that query. The sidebar is unrelated to your post content – it will work on the main query only.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I understood that from the first post, but the point I tried to make is that in my view that is not how it should be in the first place.

    Anyway it is your plugin and it is how it is, I am not a plugin developer just a plugin abuser 🙂

    Your product is powerful and I am glad it is popular and that it works for many people but for me it is not right plugin for a CMS and I will have to go with another one. (as I said elsewhere your plugin capabilities are awesome, I just disagree with the way it works inside a theme).

    I hope you consider what I have said and maybe make a modified version of woocommerce which can have a free and paid version (with extra options). I myself and my clients are more than willing to pay for a worthy product.

    Thanks and regards

    Plugin Author James Koster


    You’re going to be searching a long time for an eCommerce plugin (or any other plugin of this scale) that will just magically work with every single WordPress theme ever built. That is just a consequence of using WordPress.

    We’ve done all we can to make WooCommerce integratable with _most_ themes by offering an easy catch-all solution as well as a more deep-integrated option.

    If you don’t have time to look into this, you might be better off looking at a dedicated eCommerce platform rather than WordPress?

    There will never (never say never) be a ‘premium’ version of WooCommerce. We’ve chosen to open source it allowing the community to contribute features, bug reports and fixes. Everyone wins this way.

    Good luck with your search 🙂

    “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” – as far as i know, all of the major wordpress e-commerce plugins (woo, wpec, jigo) work the same way. There’s a lovely free theme over at splashing pixels – “mio” ( for woo. Check it out, spend some time with it and woo, then perhaps you’ll rethink your rating…

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