• Pierre236


    Since the widgets in my Soledad theme (pencidesign) don’t allow you to choose post types (well, they do, but as always, it doesn’t work), I installed the Popular Post plugin.

    The plugin works perfectly and looks good, but it says it’s out of date and needs changing.

    So I installed this plugin, with lots of useless options and inconsistent settings between the widget and the admin configuration.

    But the display is ugly, the photos don’t adapt automatically and perfectly, like Popular Post, and like the old plugins, before the arrival of tablet and mobile, it asks you to set sizes for the photos.

    But what size to set?

    There’s no option for desktop, tablet or mobile!

    Good programmers have images that adapt to the device!

    I thought I’d have to buy the pro version for the display to be correct, but after registering on the site, there’s nothing.

    So it’s a shame to see WordPress going downhill, evolving in the wrong direction and good plugins disappearing.

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