• 1) The positive reviews you see are probably fake because many of them are very short which is an indication that something is wrong.
    2) The positive review written by Bungaard is the plugin developer himself. His complete name is Martin Bungaard. So, this short review with only one word (the word “perfect”) is biased/fake.
    3) After installing the plugin I noticed totally irrelevant backlinks often written in another language than my site.
    4) I asked Support about this and received a vague answer and the problem of irrelevant backlinks was never resolved. So I decided to remove the plugin.
    5) His website has English spelling mistakes and there is almost no content.
    6) Upgrading to VIP status is very expensive. This indicates that he probably has almost no paying customers. But, I can be wrong.
    7) My conclusion is: Maybe it would be better to skip this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author bundgaard


    I am sorry to hear your experience with irrelevant backlinks.

    Reason for this was the network had not websites enough in the beginning to actually make all backlinks relevant.

    However, the network has now become larger. During the last couple days, a major update has been rolled out which uses these new matching possibilities of the larger network. It’s almost impossible to get a backlink now which is not in the same language, and the more the network grows, the tighter the matches becomes.

    Rare foreign language websites now gets on hold until these are possible to serve matches for.

    Note best matches are only available for websites having keyword optimized content and their language correctly set.

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    Thread Starter richard1250


    Thanks Martin, I will give your plugin another chance. If needed I will change the rating that I gave you.

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