• amartinelli1230


    After 8 years of working with Mantis over 2 different sites, they have refused to pay over $11k that’s owed to me for April and May. After weeks of receiving minimal responses I was told that I will be paid when I show proof of being filed as an LLC or sole proprietorship even though it was never once suggested to me over the course of 8 years that this was necessary. They even give you an option to file as an individual which I have always done, and I know of at least three other websites who have confirmed with me that they work with Mantis and are not filed as businesses, leading me to wonder if we are either being discriminated against or if Mantis is simply trying to get away with not paying over $11,000 in hopes thay the situation will simply disappear.

    We are now 23 days past the Net30 period for April. I messaged Mantis over a week ago asking if filing as a business and providing proof will allow for a release of funds and I have received no response.

    Long story short Mantis owes me over $11,000 and is refusing to pay or give me a path towards a release of funds. I continue to reach out to them and hopes that the situation can be resolved cordially. At this point I have no other path forward than to inform the public so that at the very least I may help others avoid a similar situation.

    I will update this review or post a new one if I ever get funds released.

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