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    I’ve done a couple test purchases for one cent, but neither time did I get either an email with a download link or a return link to a download page from PayPal.

    Also, the Sales Report page says there have not been any sales yet.

    I’m using the free version and have set this up for a client, so I don’t have direct access to his PayPal account, in case something needs to be changed there.

    I have gotten the receipt email from PayPal and my client has gotten the payment received email from PayPal.

    The music store is here:

    Thanks for your help.

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    Usually the issue described is related with settings of your PayPal account.

    Please, be sure that IPN is enabled in your PayPal account, and that your PayPal account accept the payment in the currency used for purchase. Furthermore, check if the payment is not in the pending status.

    OK, I can help my client set IPN up, but what should I use for the Notification URL? Do I have to set up some kind of special page, or is there a URL created by Music Store that I should plug in there?

    I just found an ms-ipn.php file in the music-store directory. Do I use the URL for that file for the Notification URL?


    Just in case, I tested it with my PayPal account, turning on IPN and putting the URL for the ms-ipn.php file into the Notification URL. I then did another purchase, and the PayPal emails to the buyer and seller addresses were generated, but neither of the Music Store buyer or seller emails were generated. And Music Store still shows no sales.


    Also, just to be thorough, when you say that the ms-downloads directory needs to be writeable, is 0755 permissions good, or should it be something else?

    Thanks for your fast replies.

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    Please, let empty the URL of IPN, in PayPal account, the url to the IPN is sends to PayPal in the payment request from Music Store.

    Please, check in your PayPal account, the status of payments. If the status of payments are pending, the IPN doesn’t send the download link.

    About the permissions of ms-downloads directory, the 0755 is sufficient.

    I tried to delete the URL in the Notification URL box, but it doesn’t let me and I get this error message:

    You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification.

    The last time I looked at the IPN History, I think the status was “Pending”. Right now it’s “Disabled”, possibly because I turned my IPN off and on to see if it would let me delete the Notification URL.

    I just tried a new one and the IPN History says “retrying”.

    I really need to get this to work. Anything you can do to help would be great.


    Plugin Author codepeople



    Could you send me the URL to your website through our support page, please?

    I’ll send you the correct URL to the IPN script.

    Best regards.

    OK, I’ve sent you a message on your support page. It actually might have gone through twice because I hit the back button.

    Thanks again for your help.

    I am having the exact same issue yet this says resolved and I do not see any resolution?! What needs to be done? I am getting no email with download link. I enabled the IPN but get the error “You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification.” HELP!

    The great folks at Codepeople sent me the correct Notification URL, which was

    If you have a normal WordPress install in the root of your public_html directory, this may also work for you.

    This fixed the error message I was getting from PayPal on the IPN settings page, but didn’t fix the problem with not getting the email confirmation messages.

    I finally deactivated 4 plugins that I wasn’t using, and one of them was apparently causing a conflict, because after that, the confirmation messages started coming through. I don’t know which plugin it was, but here’s the list of the ones I deactivated:

    Advanced Code Editor
    Child Themify
    List category posts
    More Fields

    Hope this helps!

    I have the exact same error unfortunately.
    I have tried to set the IPN as but it hasnt changed anything.

    I receive the paypal money, IPN is enabled with above URL. I barely have any plugins on my website that could be blocking it.

    Buyer doesn’t receive download email, and I don’t see any purchases in my music store.

    In my paypal the IPN seems to work as it is accepting my incomming payments and their status is “Completed”

    Please help, I really want to use and upgrade this plugin, but I need to make sure it works first!

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