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  • First, I don’t know which version I’m running–whichever the Fantastico system installed for me yesterday. (Where would I look to find out the version?)

    But, the problem–I’m not getting my comment notification e-mails, and these are a must! I have browsed through the forums looking for solutions but it seems like every other thread offers a different solution, and some are beyond my technical abilities to enact.

    What do I do??

    I’ve already missed over 20 comments, and the site has only been up since last night. Trying to respond to them by copy/paste into individual e-mails is, um, not exactly time-efficient, you know??

    And, I really wish I could find a way to call someone or talk to someone directly about this instead of relying on some, kind, knowledgeable forum-reader . . . not to mention being able to find my way back to find an answer!

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  • the notifications are going to wordpress@(your domain) this is not easily changable.

    What does that MEAN? What do I have to do to get the emails?

    It means that those e-mails are going to so in your mail settings you just need to add an e-mail forwarder to your good e-mail address.

    I’ve tried that and (so far, at least) it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe there’s a time-lag? Because I’ve done everything I can think to do and am frustrated. Not to mention tired–two late nights in a row fighting with the computer.(Oh, and the problem is with my blog–just transferred to WP yesterday.)

    Okay, heaven knows WHY, but now it’s working, even though I didn’t change anything. Go figure! I suppose it’s still kind of frustrating not knowing why, but at least it’s WORKING (grin).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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