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  • Hello everyone,

    This might be a strange question to most of you but I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice. This is my site I am getting a reasonable amount of visitors and I have also purchased targeted traffic. I am posting daily and I am posting my best content. I don’t ever get any comments! Why is this? Other WordPress sites run for like a week or so and then have comments flooding in. What can I do to make my visitors comment?

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  • Are you asking questions in your posts or leaving calls to action for users to engage? Sometimes readers need to know how or what they should respond to.

    That might seem obvious, but sometimes an elicit call for users to comment and respond can help.

    How should I do that? I mean in most of my posts I say “What do you think” and stuff like that..

    Instead of just saying ‘What do you think’ try to be more specific in your question such as ‘What do you think about blah blah blah’ so basically you are asking a specific question to hopefully spur more comments.

    This is not a surefire method to solve your problem, but it could help. I have also found that in order to get more comments you need to make it as simple as possible by removing as many barriers as you can. Usually Anonymous posting helps with comments, but as soon as you do that you invite spam comments, so it is always a battle to balance fighting spam with generating more comments. Best of luck.

    You’ve only been posting since June 22. Be patient and just let it grow organically. You’ll be writing to an audience of one (yourself!) for a little while.

    Also, even if you are improving your articles and asking better questions to solicit comments, that doesn’t mean that you will get comments if the people coming to your site are either A. bots, B. not really your target audience, or C. just visiting to hit a traffic exchange quota.

    If you’re buying traffic, look at your analytic and you’ll probably see the visitors aren’t doing anything, or they are all doing the same thing.. that’s the behavior of bots.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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