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  • Resolved Scott Rodrigues


    First off, EXCELLENT Plugin. Thank you all so much for this!

    My only problem is something I’m sure I am doing wrong or somehow set wrong. I have a book on Amazon and at first, I didn’t get a cover thumbnail over the Buy Now button. I did something and it suddenly re-appeared. The next day I was deleting images that I wasn’t using to better organize my media files and I deleted the one that I guess was being used as the thumbnail and back to square one. Hilarity ensued.

    So how do I set the cover thumbnail? I didn’t change/modify any code and the only plugins I am running are the ones that come stock with this version of WordPress, Totally Booked and Simple Page Ordering.

    Thank you all so much for your help and Much Love!


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  • Plugin Contributor Kelli Standish


    Hi Scott,
    Happy Friday! Thanks so much for your encouraging words about the plugin. We love to see authors enjoying this system.

    Okay I’m going to help you as best I can, while my genius plugin co-author Ben is busy with his new baby. He’s the code expert, while my focus in on user interface, logic flow, and design, but I can comment on your question, and hopefully get you a solution.

    My first thought is that you may need to re-upload your book image in the featured book image section for this book. Have you tried that?

    Is the book cover thumbnail showing on the book page itself, but not in the Buy Now pop up?

    If you can post a link here, to the page in question, I’ll be glad to offer more tips!

    Cheering you on,

    Hi Kelli!

    Thank you for the reply and encouragement! Okay, THAT sounds like my problem and I feel abit embarassed to ask, but what are the steps to upload the book image to the FEATURED BOOK COVER area? All I’ve been able to do is use the Upload Image or Image option to upload images but all that has done for me is put the image into the post/listing and not in the thumbnail area above the Buy Now buttons.

    I’m sure its ridiculously obvious but I can’t find it or how to do it. How do I?

    Hanging in there,


    Plugin Contributor Kelli Standish


    I cannot count the hundreds of hours I’ve spent bashing my head over things the I’m sure are ridiculously obvious to others.

    In fact, everything I know now, started as a head-bashing experience in the beginning.

    So don’t feel badly! The question is the beginning of the answer.

    I’m including a link here, to a screenshot, with the featured image section you need highlighted in red:

      Go to TotallyBooked in your WordPress Dashboard Menu
      Click All Books
      Click the book title of the book that’s missing an image
      Then scroll down the page until you see the Featured Book section on the right.
      Click the ‘Set Featured Image’ link
      Then upload your book cover in the ensuing pop-up window
      Last, click the blue Set Featured Image button

    Let me know if this helps or if you run into any trouble.

    You can do this!

    Cheering you on,

    Plugin Author Ben Casey


    Scott – Im marking this thread as resolved, please feel free to ask if you have any more issues.


    Maybe it’s because I’m using WordPress 3.6, but I don’t see a “Featured Book” section on any of my books. This is of secondary importance to me to the question I posted in the new thread “Audio Player in Book Archive,” but it would be nice to be able to display book covers.

    Plugin Contributor Kelli Standish


    Is the section I’ve highlighted with the red arrow on this image below not showing up in your book section?

    Will take a look at your Audio Player question next.


    Nope; the right column ends with the Attributes box.

    Plugin Contributor Kelli Standish


    If the Featured Image section isn’t appearing in your custom posts windows, it may not be enabled in your site theme. Looks like Blix is an older theme that is not being maintained or updated, so that may be causing some issues.

    You can find more info on how to manually enable the Featured Image functionality in your functions.php file here:

    Hope this helps you!

    Thanks, Kelli! That fixed this problem real quick-like!

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