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    Hi @bonaldi,

    We support GDPR compliance, I’m not following how Linkbuildr would be involved in any form of Opt-In compliance as it does not have any user facing form, and does not collect any user data. The data being entered into Linkbuildr is directly from the site admin, and it would be their obligation to have obtained consent in collecting the data.
    The explanation of GDPR Opt-In I’m basing that understanding on.

    Linkbuildr has built in Unsubscribe functionality that, if you are finding to not meet GDPR regulations, I am happy to look into updating it. Once un-subscribed Linkbuildr will no longer email the email address that unsubscribed, although we do not claim to have the ability to affect any other source of emails that the site or site admin may be sending from.

    If there are additional issues you’ve found with Linkbuildr and GDPR compliance, can you share them with me so I can address them? As we do want to support GDPR compliance,

    -FTF Developer

    Yeah, curious why the review says not GDPR compliant without giving a specific example as to why. Not seeing anything on my end that causes a conflict.

    Also, @bonaldi seems to be reviewing every single plugin out there as non-GDPR compliant if you check other reviews so 🤷‍♂️ ?

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    I’m not here to do a GDPR audit of your plugin.
    Just to express my point of view on it.

    So do not try to discredit my review by claiming that I assess all the plugins by declaring them non-compliant, that’s wrong.

    I am not there either to give stars to plugins which, in my opinion, do not comply, I prefer to call potential users to vigilance.
    It is up to them to make their own GDPR diagnosis.

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