• I decided to go with this Plugin as it was presented as one for all social topics (Login, Comments and Sharing). Well comments and sharing work pretty good, nice options and customization, plenty sharing social links.

    The problem with me was with social login. Compared with several other social login plugins, the instructions are long … plenty of steps to execute, and at the end … not working. Well it is partially working, as user is registered but for some reason site was automatically pushing a log out, meaning that user was created but was not possible to stay logged in. As so many users were sayng that this was working, i run over and over on the configs but nothing.

    I open a support request, and after 5 days with so damm generic answers (like if they only had 5 seconds per ticket to answer) and only pointing to generic guidelines, showing that they never looked at the problem itself … never clicked a link provided, never saw the circumstances of the problem i was having. So terrible support, for a plugin that has everything to be a top plugin, but again … lacking on human resources!

    As the idea was to have the plugin working in a professional website, we could not accept this type of situation. Disabled and now i have another one doing exactly the same thing (took me 3 minutes to replace and working) … pitty!

    Good luck with it, and do invest a little more on human resources, if you do want to get better!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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