• johnnawhite


    First of all, this is not a functional plug-in unless you pay for the upgrade. If you do not upgrade, you cannot view your orders…thus, it’s not functional! So, I paid for the upgrade as well as ongoing support since I’m a retail store owner who is doing my own site building…not my forte!

    So, when the download failed and I asked for support, I was refunded for the support. However, I was not refunded for the download. I asked for help with that and was told that he would upload it to my site. I gave Niaz a username and password to do so. It never happened. I asked again and he told me I’d never sent the information. I sent it again…and again…and again.

    Finally, today, Niaz informed me that I would have to pay him another $15. I give up! Don’t waste your time with this.

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