• I don’t mind the fact that it is a premium plugin. The problem is that it showed up on a plugin search on my site’s backend. One has to install to find out that what I installed was a damn application for service.

    VERY MISLEADING. Shouldn’t be in the WP repository. I hope it doesn’t leave garbage during the uninstall.


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  • Hi @eltaino,

    I’m sorry to hear that our plugin wasn’t what you expected – we have tried to make it clear in the description that it is a paid service, and there are links to our pricing plans in the description to make this clear too.

    I can reassure you that we are compliant with the WP plugin guidelines, and there are countless SaaS and service businesses with a free plugin in the repository, just like us (for example: Drip, Ontraport, Intercom, Drift and many others..)!


    This is NOT an advertising place for your kind information. You can give a link for upgrades only if your free version is available.

    @eltaino has a valid point, this is wordpress.org for people who want to help and take help absolutely free from WordPress social connection and plugin developers.

    Request you to remove this listing asap and don’t mislead visitors here.


    Plugin Author pietro


    Hi Ryan,

    We don’t have a free and a premium version of this plugin, this is the only version available and it supports our subscription based service. Just like VaultPress and many other plugins for SaaS or subscription based services (we mentioned Drip, Intercom, Ontraport, Drift). The plugin is of course free to use, open source and GPL.

    We offer a service to have a native mobile app published (a service delivered by people, not just software). The plugin is free to use for our customers. We have done several changes recently to make this even more clear and obvious, and avoid having people waste their time with the plugin if they don’t have a subscription. We have no interest in misleading anyone, quite the opposite.

    Our approach is the same as Automattic’s VaultPress plugin and backup service (https://wordpress.org/plugins/vaultpress/). The backup service is external and subscription based, the free .org plugin supports it. Once you install the Vaultpress plugin, this is what you see: https://cl.ly/0fbd7055a3d3 – this was the inspiration for how we changed our own plugin.

    In our case, the plugin provides an interface to manage and customize a mobile app – changing colors, menus, adjust settings, etc. The plugin also provides a REST API for the native mobile apps. The apps are available as a subscription service that includes our app configuration, build, publishing and maintenance services – all done by our team.

    Our description makes it very clear, we explain how this is a paid service done by people and it has a cost. Nowhere it says this is a plugin that for free will provide native mobile apps. I’ll take any suggestions on how we can make this even more clear.


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