• Bored of plugins saying it’s “FREE” when it’s clearly not!

    You have 500 queries per month, and a query is used approximately for each sentence. For a medium article length, the plugin made 71 request, which is 14% of the monthly allowed quotas. If you want more, as usual, you HAVE TO PAY.

    Despite that, the plugin does the job.

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  • Plugin Author Ahmad Sattar


    As Plagiarism Checker is a premium tool, we can not allow users to use 100% free.
    Because This plugin consumes a lot of resources from our main website (https://www.prepostseo.com/).

    Providing 500 Queries is a lot.
    I Hope you understand it..

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    I understand. But then, in order to meet all the needs, can you provide another kind of plan : a one time paid plan, which could be combined with a monthly or yearly plan.

    That’s why actually I haven’t subscribed anything. I have no idea on how many request I’ll have this month, and later. Giving us the ability to choose a monthly plan which will consumme first these credits, and then will switch in our One Time plan balance if we have consummed all the monthly available credits.

    An example of this can be found for shortpixel service, which I use, and which give more flexibility : https://shortpixel.com/pricing

    Please note that One Time plans are credits that never expire…


    Plugin Author Ahmad Sattar


    Of course you can purchase yearly plan, that comes with a lot of queries.
    And we guarantee that our price is lower than any premium plagiarism checker available online.

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    You didn’t get it. One time plans are not exactely the same as yearly plans. One time plans are credits which will never expire. It’s like a wallet of credits, and for each request a credit is used.

    Having this plan coupled with a monthly (example) plan will let the user able to choose a monthly plan he’s sure he will consume each month, and if additionnal queries are needed during the month, he will not be restricted because he had additional credits purchased thanks to the one time plan, which will consumes credits only when the monthly/yearly request quota is reached.

    Do you get it now?

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    I hate plugins they say it’s free when you already filled in your detail name email address then ask money is the wrong way to go.

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