• Free for 14 days? Seriously? Not properly stated anywhere, not even on the website where you have to register.

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  • Plugin Author Denis Shagy



    CleanTalk is free plugin to paid cloud service, this is allowed by wordpress.org rules, please look rule 6,


    Also if you look plugin description you will find there are several notices about paid subscription on cleantalk.org, for example,

    CleanTalk is premium anti-spam service for WordPress, please look at the pricing. The plugin works with cloud anti spam service CleanTalk. CleanTalk has free trial for 14 days.

    And this,

    Is it free or paid?
    The plugin is free. But the plugin uses CleanTalk cloud service to filter spam bots. You have to register an account and you have two weeks free trial to test anti-spam for comments, registrations, bookings, contacts or orders. When the trial (on CleanTalk account) is finished, you can renew the subscription for 1 year or deactivate anti-spam plugin.

    So, we do not break any rules. Could you please change your review?

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