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  • I have a blog that I use a custom permalink structure. I recently modified the blog to use a static front page and an empty ‘blog’ page for posts. The posts page and all post pages, category pages and pages other than the (static) front page give a ‘Not Found’ error ( I think a ‘no post found’ type error rather than a 404 error though).

    If I change the permalink structure to the ugly default (?p=xxx), the problem is corrected. But any custom or predefined permalink structure causes the not found errors. I have tried changing the theme and removing the seo slugs plugin but neither of those things helped. I also tried removing the content from my htaccess file and updating the permalink structure to rebuild it, but that didnt work either.

    Now I am stuck with ugly links and broken external links on my site, because even if I remove the static front page and go back to having the posts page as home page, all those pages still give not found unless I use the default permalink.

    Please help!

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    Thanks for the suggestion but the htaccess file looks like its getting generated just fine. I have another blog on the same host that is set up with custom permalinks and a static front page and it works just fine. The .htaccess files are the same for the blog that works and for the blog that doesn’t work. 🙁

    Ok, just some questions:

    1. What structure are you attempting to change it to?
    2. What do the contents of your httpd.conf fie look like?
    3. Have you tried deleting your .htaccess file so WP can generate another one?
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    The permalink structure I am trying to use is just /%postname%/ (I used this before setting up the static front page and it was working). I’ve also tried a couple of the predefined ones (other than default). None of those work either. Only default works.

    I am using hosted web space and I don’t have access to httpd.conf. I can tell you that another blog hosted on the same account works using the exact same permalink structure and with a static front page/separate post page, just like I am trying to set up here.

    I have tried deleting the htaccess file and it generates another one, but still the same issue.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help 🙂

    If you have the exact same settings on another setup and they work there, I’d call your host and make sure they meet the requirements for pretty permalinks listed here:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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