• This plugin is basically useless as it only configures the basic TikTok pixel code even if you upgrade to the PRO version that states that it will install the TikTok pixel correctly for Woocommerce.

    You won’t benefit from dynamic parameters sent back to TikTok in order to calculate ROAS and track ad performance properly.

    When confronted with this issue and asking for a refund they refuse to refund you and only point you to the plugin description stating that “the plugin is intended to install the TikTok pixel correctly” and you should report bugs in order to get refunded.


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    So, two things: first of all, it is not possible for us to offer detailed support for the PRO version of the plugin via the WordPress forum. Please contact us directly by email.

    Then, in relation to your situation, it seems that you did not understand how our plugin works and, despite our numerous explanations, you continue to think that we are responsible for your problem.

    As mentioned several times, the role of our plugin is simply to help you integrate the Tiktok pixel appropriately into your website. And we offer several solutions to make it happen.

    However, we are not TIKTOK. Which means we have no control or access over how events are tracked by the Pixel or even over what can be tracked by the Pixel. These are parameters that you must configure yourself via your Tiktok dashboard.

    In your case, even we have frequently referred you to the Tiktok Documentation, instead of inquiring directly with Tiktok as to the feasibility of your project, you persisted in thinking that it was our plugin that should meet your need, whereas that is not at all its function.

    We are sorry we could not help you and we regret this bad review which does not reflect our state of mind at all.


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