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  • So it presents the modern style of block creation and editing.

    I began a test by cloning an existing page and attempting to edit/upgrade that page to see what would happen – it erased that page entirely to create a new blank one.

    The free version doesn’t seem to recognize or include any old page content in respect of an existing theme or lift the content out of a theme to incorporate into the new formatting, so if you want to upgrade an existing site it looks like you will have a complete rewrite on your hands.

    There may be a way by shifting themes or reverting to a default WP theme as starting point if you want to retain content and conduct an upgrade rather then new build.

    I have thirteen sites I am upgrading, so upgrading page-by page is the only effective option for ease of work.


    Have you noticed that most WP controls, like Save and Preview, are in the top right hand corner? Not in Brizy. It took me a few minutes to notice the quaint little sets of icons in the bottom right hand corner, tucked out of the way.


    The block editing might be attractive, but an industrial-level work tool has to take account of the needs of professionals and ongoing work to deal with existing sites, especially with the advent of Guttenberg prompting the general design shift over to block formatting. Brizy doesn’t appear to offer a simple, accessible way to achieve control for upgrading.

    NOTE: I only spent an hour looking into this with the one test page, I have much other work to do and cannot spend time on a comprehensive review, but I was not immediately impressed. I may return to this in the future when I have a few days to risk.

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  • Plugin Author Dimi



    Thanks for your feedback, although there is an argument to be made that looking into a product in a hurry and slapping a 1 star without really looking into it and see what’s there is not really feedback, but anyway.

    Of course you can’t automatically upgrade a website you currently have.

    If you are looking to click a button and have your website converted to Brizy that is not possible, not with Brizy, not with any other WordPress builder out there.

    If you are using the regular WordPress options like featured image, except, content in Gutenberg and so on you can use the Brizy Dynamic Content to create templates in Brizy that will be applied on your pages and posts and those pages will contain your content.

    Take a closer, deeper look, maybe more than one hour (when you have time).

    All the best.

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