• After a pretty long time with no updates, I feared that this plugin was abandoned, BUT after the two recent updates, confirming that the future of “Sublanguage” is bright and real, I am encouraged to post my undoubtedly 5-star review of this plugin, which I’ve been using since 2018 or so.

    Let me elaborate my review title. You won’t find a fancy interface in “Sublanguage” (no need to), and this is great, because “Sublanguage” goes straight to the point, making this plugin soooo lightweight and fast on the frontend. You are required to do some work on your end to get it configured, probably even after a couple of trial and error testings. But once you master this plugin, the results are highly rewarding on your site.

    While others don’t allow you to translate urls, or CPTs, or taxonomies, “Sublanguage” allows you to do all this, and MUCH more. The most powerful translating feature requires a little digging into the field names, because you need to translate them from the Translation Options page, but once you get familiar with it, you’ll be able to translate strings you’re not usually allowed to in other translation plugins. Or elements like the menu logo, which is a very hard task to do in other popular paid translation plugins, or even the featured image. You will be able to translate all that as long as you are willing to know “the guts” of your own website. “Sublanguage” is the magic wand, but you are the magician.

    I’m also positive to say that “Sublanguage” is the fastest translation plugin. Unlike others, you won’t spend that annoying delay time to load translated strings, (other translation plugins load translated strings as if they were “sticky notes” on the source strings and you can see how they change in front of your eyes from the source language to the translated one). “Sublanguage” handles the soooooooooo complicated WordPress translation process in an unbelievably brilliant way.

    Thank you, Maxime, for not letting us down with this amazing plugin, and for your amazing support every time we need it. Thank you fo mantaining it to WordPress’ critical changes (like you did when Gutenberg came in, or the recent 5.7 one). THANK YOU!!!

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