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  • Hi Guys,

    This is my first post to the forum, and hope you can help. I tried searching an see a lot of posts on how to create a custom home page. Gave it a couple hours and i couldn’t get anything to work.

    I’m putting up this site to help – the donations box IS NOT SET UP. Please don’t send money!

    okay here’s the deal.
    I setup the website to take in a bunch of RSS feeds and post them as content as well as a forum (sub-domain forum.supp…). We want the homepage to give a community look and feel and we designed this:

    however I can’t setup anything that resembles that photo! The theme I installed supports a custom home page. Right now the home page is set to the “home” page.

    The site is located here:

    Any help is FULLY appreciated. Thank you!

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  • WPyogi


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    It’s not totally clear what your question is — though it looks like you do have a permissions issue on the server you are using. If you look at the source code for the home page — this is visible:

    Default CSS served INLINE because wp-content/uploads is not writable.
    This will change once wp-content/uploads is writable

    So you’ll want to fix that:

    As to the design, if you have specific questions, someone may be able to help, but these forums can’t really tell you how to replicate the mock-up. It’s not clear to me whether the theme you are using has the basic layout or look to do what you want… You could consider hiring someone if you need more help than can be provided here.

    thank you for the response.
    My question is how can I create modify the “home” page to look like the mock-up?

    The theme i’m using is named “montezuma”



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    Are you talking about the middle section of the page? Is that to be static? You’d likely need to create a custom template and code that whole section. Do you know HTML and CSS?


    Yes the middle section with the “Donate, Get involved, submit content, latest news” tabs will stay the same.

    I know minor bits of HTML and no CSS

    Thank you



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    Well, to replicate that mock-up, you’d need to know quite a bit of both. Or look for a theme that is closer to what you want – though it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a theme that is exactly like a design you already have. If you’re dead set on it, you’ll need to learn enough coding skills and or hire someone.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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