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  • jaimemorales


    Seriously, this program seems powerful. They make it very easy to plug in the free version; but once you upgrade, forget about it!!!! You have to be inclined to code parts of your site with little to no help. Example: the security badge feature, of the 5 requirements, 3 are easy, just flip some switches, but two of them require you to go in and recode one of the .php files….what? How about just making them simple switches or something, figure it out. I guess if you are comfortable coding PHP files and other coding, then the program is ok for you, but most people aren’t going to feel comfortable with that. They don’t tell you about all the coding that you have to do to get it going if want to use all the bells and whistles, I’m sure that you can get it going without that feature, but you typically buy the program “because” it has all the features, but don’t think that it’s going to involve this much work to use them…..I’m starting to have serious buyer’s remorse.

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  • chriscct7


    Not everything can be switches. The PHP files they ask you to edit, since I’ve never used it, I presume are your theme files. Hate to tell you but no plugin is smart enough to be able to alter those. Maybe you could paste the two requirements where they ask you to do this.

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