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  • If you are a new seller you cannot use the latest version, because you can only use the API if you have already sold products.
    The EasyAzon Pro brings AMP erros in WP

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  • Hello @stretl

    It’s pretty unfair to leave us a 1-star review based on the limitations of an Amazon Product Advertising API that we have no control over.

    Here’s the link to Amazon’s documentation that outlines how the number of requests is based on the amount of revenue you drive as an Amazon affiliate:

    We updated our plugin to support the new PA API 5.0 because Amazon has ceased support for PA API 4.0 and killed it off so the only way to use the product advertising API from Amazon is to use their new API which we updated our plugin to support.

    Trust me, if it were up to us, we would prefer that Amazon does not restrict affiliates from using their API because it reduces the amount of people that can use our plugin.

    In any case, I don’t think this is a fair review as we can’t control the restrictions that Amazon places on the API. We will look into the AMP error though.

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    Hello @boostwpcom,
    I know,that you are not responsible for Amazon Limitations, but it should have been clearly communicated. Since the beginning I had problems probably because I don’t have a US account, and the support couldn’t help. I don’t know how much time I spent to find it out.
    And the AMP is a fact. Now I deleted everything, including the Pro version because I don’t want to spend more time in it.

    The bulk of your complaint is about an Amazon limitation that we have no control over. When customers purchase the pro version if they find they are unable to use the product advertising API and they want a refund, we provide it. I’m not sure what happened in your specific case perhaps you bought well before they made the API change. Not having a US account is irrelevant. We have users that just use Amazon UK for instance. If you want to reply to your old ticket, I’ll personally assist if I am able, but if you aren’t successfully driving sales as an Amazon affiliate they won’t let you use the API.

    My main point here is that a 1-star review with the first thing you cited in your review as Amazon limiting their API is completely unfair because it is.

    I already commented re: AMP

    In any case, I wish you the best. If you still want help, I will give it.

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    The one star is not for Amazon limitations, it is more for the communication. Already last year your support wrote “Basically, if you set up an Amazon affiliate account in another country than the USA and then set up an API account, the keys credentials won’t work. You also need to open up an Amazon affiliate account in USA…..”
    Sorry, but for me the subject is done. Unfortunately, the Money Back warranty for my EasyAzon Multisite and Pro version has already expired.
    However, but it would be good if you improve the communication of your support team that other users won’t have these issues.
    All the best

    I don’t know your support ticket in particular, but if you share that number here I can at least look through the case history personally to see where we failed you so that we can try to do better moving forward.

    In either case, I wish you the best.

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    No problem #110887. Hope it helps for further users

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