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  • I like the promise of this plugin, but it simply does not work if you’re hosting your own WordPress in a Docker container linked to a MySQL Docker container. I tried everything I could think of in configuring the plugin and modifying my site, Apache, SSL configurations, you name it. I posted in the forums for support, got no responses, and the support chat thingie on their official website rejected all input.

    I’d have given a little bit higher rating if there had been any response from the plugin author. Without support it feels like an unsupported plugin. I recommend: give it a try, and if it works right out the gate then give it five stars because it looks like it should work really smoothly. My experience: I spent about a week to figure out on my own that it wasn’t gonna work and no one was gonna offer to help. That said, if anyone reads this and is also trying to get SSL working in your WordPress Docker container, there is a Certbot container that is the answer you seek. G’luck!

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  • Hello,

    If you read the plugin description, it clearly mentions that SSL Zen currently only works with cPanel based hosting.

    If you are using Docker, certbot indeed is the right way of installing SSL.

    If you feel the rating is unfair, please do change it.

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    I have a basic expectation that a well-written plugin should display some sort of useful error message if it has been installed into any known non-working scenarios. I further expect that if there is a support forum then support requests should receive actual responses from whoever is supporting the product, and if there is some sort of support mechanic on the product’s website that it should actually work. Given that no one besides myself responded to my post asking for support, I think two stars is perhaps generous in this case.

    Plugin Author SSL Zen


    If you are not using cPanel we tell you that the plugin is incompatible.
    Instead of reviewing the plugin you should have opened a support ticket.

    Plugin Author SSL Zen


    @cincitech Based on your feedback, we now alert users if they install the plugin in non-working environment.

    We’ve also fixed the support on the website when you reported it. All forum support tickets are now answered in 24 hours.

    Thanks for your feedback and feel free to change your rating if you think we have addressed your issues.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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