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    Working with this plugin is like stepping into the cockpit of a fighter jet: all kinds of technical levers and buttons. Shortcodes are far too technical for me to unleash on my clients.

    Some of the interface is downright peculiar. For example, there are three separate boxes for uploading photos:

    Box A: Multiple Photos in one selection
    You can select up to 20 photos in one selection and upload them.

    Box B: Single Photos in multiple selections
    You can select up to 20 photos one by one and upload them at once.

    Box C: Zipped Photos in one selection
    You can upload one zipfile. It will be placed in your personal wppa-depot: …/wp-content/wppa-depot/{username}
    Once uploaded, use Import Photos to unzip the file and place the photos in any album.

    But doesn’t Box B duplicate the functionality of Box A? And why does Box C involve extra steps? Why make no use of the WP media library functionality? Hello, drop target?

    From the How to Start Instructions:

    1. Install WP Photo Album Plus as described above under “Installation”.
    2. Create at least two albums in the “Photo Albums” tab. Leave “Parent” at “— none —“.
    3. In the uploads tab, you can now upload you photots. Upload at least 2 photos to each album. Make sure the photos you are uploading are of reasonable size (say up to 1024×768 pixels).
    4. Create a new WP Page, name it something like “Photo Gallery” and put in the content: [wppa][/wppa]
    5. Publish the page, and view the page from your WP site.
    6. Now, go playing with the settings in the “Settings” panel, discover all the configurable options and watch what is happening when you re-open the “Photo Gallery” page.
    7. If you want a “Photo of the day” sidebar widget you can use an album for that purpose. See all the options in the “Photo of the day” submenu.

    Two albums, two photos? Why? Why shortcode only? And then it tells us to “go playing with the settings”? Odd.

    It probably works well enough. But it’s for people with some technical knowledge.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Two photos: To see the photos you need more than the treshold value. If you have less or equal to the treshold value, the photo are used for the album cover only. See the help on Table I-A4.

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