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    First of all I take the time to write here for two reasons.
    The first one is AMPforWP is my first plugin for AMP so far and I globally like it, and second reason is I know you answer most of the time with really kind and relevant informations.

    So I give a shot 🙂

    I will be honest with you, I’m considering to swich to Better AMP because I purchrased Publisher theme and the plugin comes free (yours is too expensive for me, impossible to purchrase all this extensions). But for the moment, I stick with it… Especially if I success making my damn menu.

    I got several questions:

    1) How can I make a menu displaying categories and subcategories ? I tried to add them manually but it doesn’t work. The only thing I success to set up is a Categories option below the homepage (check it). I’d like this option to be in the menu but it’s impossible.
    It’s the categories widget and it only works if put on “AMP Sidebar” which is only displayed at the bottom of the homepage for some reason. If I chose to place the widget above the AMP header or anywhere, it only displays “Categories” without the navigation possibilities.

    2) Even if I check swift sidebar option, the sidebar doesn’t “swift” on mobile… it’s inexistant…?

    3) How can I set up a menu on the top like the one shown on the SWIFT theme screenshot ?

    4) Important one: my pages where I call an <iframe> don’t show the iframe on AMP.

    Last question: is there any way to upgrade the possibilities to configure the AMP plugin or to have access to better tutorials ? Because the tutorials only “explain” the options without examples and it’s not helpful 🙁

    I thank you a lot for reading this. I repeat I like your plugin and don’t want to change it if I can make a good mobile version 🙂

    Thanks again,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @jeretiens,

    Thank you so much for your feedback and you no need to worry about anything in AMP we are always here to help you and set up the AMP on your website in the right way.

    1A – If you set up the menu for the category from the appearance -> menu option then it will automatically add the menu on your AMP version also like –
    Adding the categories –
    Output in AMP –

    And are you using this widget for the category ? because this widget will display the category like this –

    2A – Sorry for the inconvenience but if you use the sidebar option then it will appear after the post loop like this on mobile devices –

    3A – We have the option of alternative menu option in AMP panel -> header -> Alternative menu – You just need to enable that option

    4A – Will you please provide us the iframe code which you are adding? I will check the code once and let you know.

    5A – We are extremely sorry for that and we are really working hard to improve our tutorials BUT as always if you have any issues then you can contact us directly on and our team will properly setup AMP on your end and we will make sure everything works perfectly.

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    Hello @ampforwp !

    First of all, thanks a lot for your time and your answers 🙂

    I see clearer and the alternative menu matches what I wanted to do (but it will be very interesting if we could set up a specific menu which isn’t the same as the “hidden” menu on the top left corner).

    For the categories, I will be a little more specific: I try to show the sub categories in a menu like my desktop version:
    1) Normal menu -> mouse on:
    2) Categories displayed: ->

    Or even a “categories” button in the menu which does the same job than the categories widget I already set on side bar (located at the bottom of the HP):
    Then here:

    In fact, if you could manage somehow a simple button named “Categories” I could place in the menu and do a display like this ( it would be awesome !

    For the iframe not displayed, there a several different but all from the same website (a partner). Only the first url changes depending on the content I want to show.

    Here is an example:

    <div id="a9-parent-iframe" data-src=""></div>
            var js = document.createElement('script');
            var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
            s.parentNode.insertBefore(js, s);

    Page on PC version:
    Page on AMP:

    Thanks a lot for your help !


    Hello @ampforwp,

    Just to let you know I temporary fixed the script page issue by disabling AMP on these pages. So it displays the desktop version “responsive” on mobile. It’s not as smooth as your plugin but it does the job for the moment.

    Still, I’d be interested if you have any clues to fix the non-displaying on the iframes pages.

    Thanks again

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