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  • I have tested gutenberg, the results is not flexible example if i want to look into text i have to click paragraph after paragraph, before was easy i can see all in one shot into text.

    The bloks, paragph, classic etc…for what the publics most of them want to publish, not to loose the time between choosing this block or this blocks they want just writting and not to care about classic and adding blocks.

    Also putting pictures right and left are beurk, with the classic editor you see excalty what you do and get what you do, with gutenberg is not like this…

    In one word go back to the classic editor and improve it with the idea that the public want publish not loosing time with blocks

    Best regards

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  • I absolutely love that you provided a clear example! Thank you for that.

    There is a “Full screen” mode or “Spotlight” mode that allows you to type without the distractions. Even in the default mode, you should be able to type all the way through without having to add any blocks manually.

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