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  • I am using a theme that has portfolio_video_id as what I am sure is the field name. I have selected portfolio in the settings screen, saved with the custom field name, and it fails to find a video. If I use a standard image from my media library as the featured image, clicking the image displays my video as it should, but if i remove that and try to use video thumbnails plugin as it should be used, it fails to find a video thumbnail for the post. I am using the Aphrodite theme, a paid theme. You can see how the portfolio items are added here…there is no content in the body of the post, it just uses the video id from the menu on the portfolio builder page.

    The code from the php page is as follows

    <div style="display:none;">
        				    <div id="video_<?php echo $portfolio_video_id; ?>" style="width:900px;height:488px">
        				        <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="900" height="488" src="<?php echo $portfolio_video_id; ?>?theme=dark&rel=0&wmode=transparent" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The view source on the portfolio page shows the following (video id changed to youtube_id_here)

    <br class="clear"/><br/><br/><h2><span>Recent Portfolios</span></h2><div class="divider" style="margin-top:20px;"></div><hr/><br class="clear"/><div id="home_portfolio_13548925011497000868" class="portfolio2_wrapper"><ul class="slides"><li><div class="one_fourth css_shadow"><div class="portfolio200_shadow"><a href="#video_youtube_id_here" class="lightbox_youtube"><img src="" alt="" class="portfolio_img"/><div class="portfolio200_overlay"><img src="" alt="" class=""/></div></a></div><div style="display:none;">
    								    <div id="video_youtube_id_here" style="width:900px;height:488px"><iframe width="900" height="488" src=""></iframe></div>

    I know it’s a paid theme, but wondering if you or anyone else has any thoughts on this? I’ve seen others with the issue, but not sure if it applies to portfolios.

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  • Actually portfolio_video_id sounds like a variable storing an ID, not the actual custom field name. Have you searched your code for portfolio_video_id to see where it’s being used and what it stores? It’s very likely you do not have the correct custom field set.

    First in the Post Types of the plugin settings is the Portfolio post type listed? Second double check you have the correct custom field name. If you don’t see it by viewing the custom fields for your portfolio, it may be hidden.

    In that case use a plugin like this to show the hidden fields

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