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Not fetching thumbnails.

  • I’m using autonav to fetch the child pages of a page together with some details like ‘read more’ link and image thumbs. I have the latest version of the plugin and have modified little things a bit to change the title format and add the read more link.
    Basically I just modified these 2 functions.

    function an_create_output_excerpt ($html, $class, $pic, $attr) {
      if ($attr['excerpt'] && strlen($pic['excerpt'])) {
        $html .= an_create_tag('p', array('class' => "{$class}-excerpt")) . "{$pic['excerpt']}<br />";
        $html .= an_create_tag('a',array('href' => $pic['permalink'], 'class' => "read-more")) . 'read more' . '</a></p>';
      return $html;
    function an_create_output_text ($html, $class, $pic, $attr) {
      // Outputs the text element for a single post/page
      $my_html = '';
      if (strlen($pic['title']) && $attr['titles']) {
        $my_html = $pic['title'];
        if (strlen($pic['permalink']) > 0) {
          $my_html = an_create_tag('h3><a alt="'.$my_html.'"',array('href' => $pic['permalink'])) . $my_html . '</a></h3>';
        if (!$attr['list']) {
          $my_html = an_create_tag('p',array('class' => "{$class}-text")) . $my_html . '</p>';
      return $html . $my_html;

    And also I have removed the “Missing Image” error text and just replaced it with a “”.

    The weird thing is, some of the pages are not fetching the thumbnails properly while some are fetching right.
    On this page, http://www.wildlifeact.com/about-wildlife-act you, the subpages are listed on the bottom part of the content but are not fetching the thumbnail images from the child pages.

    While on this page, http://www.wildlifeact.com/about-wildlife-act/wildlife-tracking-and-monitoring, it fetches it correctly.



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  • Plugin Author wlindley


    Are you still having this problem? Please contact me by email and perhaps we can trace this better.

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