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    Hi, I had a wordpress installation working great on BlueHost. Then I added one to a addon domain (in actuality a subdomain) of that account.

    The subdomain theme shows okay at http:// but NO theme is visible at http://www.

    For the main domain both http:// and http://www. will not display any theme.

    I have searched the forums and found topic Topic 34719 but get this error in trying to access it: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/codexwo/public_html/includes/ObjectCache.php on line 409

    I am running on both. They were both were working on Http:// originally and then suddenly the main site wasn’t. I have tried disabling plugins to no avail. I also added some conditions to try rewrites of links in the .htaccess file when this happened, so I got rid of those to see if they had any effect – nope. I have no idea what else to try.

    I don’t understand why the http:// subdomain theme works, but not the main site wordpress theme, or why both http://www. will not display properly.

    Please help.

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  • Additional facts: I just brought up both sites (main and addon) in IE and the themes are broken for both in IE regardless of how they are accessed.

    In Firefox — BOTH http:// and http://www. WORK!

    In Mozilla — http:// for addon is working but neither http://www. for addon and BOTH http:// and http://www. for the main domain do not.

    What is going on. Sounds like a WordPress communicating with browser issue, but I be buggered I can’t figure out how to fix it.

    Are the two sites sharing a database by any chance? And if so, during the installation of the second one, did you specify a different table prefix (other than wp_)?


    No – Bluehost fantastico sets up a separate database upon installation.

    Clarification to my previous post: The MAIN site theme is broken in all browsers.

    Just noticed something else — NO LINKS to pages or posts are working regardless of browser or display. Get 404 error.

    Okay — fixed the browser problem. It was an .htaccess issue. Now all the .htaccess files are cleaned and verified.

    But NONE of my links to pages or posts are working on either site.

    I checked my databases and there were users specified that did not have tables closed. I ran repair on both in the BlueHost panel and that fixed the tables issue, but

    the links to pages and posts are still showing 404 page not found error.

    Is this a database problem?

    After reading a bunch more posts about links, I went into the admin panel for each wordpress installation and resaved the permalink structure (I guessed on this) and it WORKED!

    All fixed. I bet messing around with the .htaccess files disconnected the index.php from the links somehow and I needed to resave the permalink structure after cleaning the .htaccess files.

    Hope this info helps someone else who has link problems.

    Paola … I have a similar problem .. I have two blogs on my site… and Both were working two days ago, and now the 2nd shows the content and no theme or CSS or anything … I thought you were onto something, because I did add my own .htaccess file (which I’ve never done before) to the 2nd blog root directory. From what you suggest – i just deleted it. Now I still can’t load any theme up but, I am getting a partial recognition in that the layout is at least a little organized .. Any further suggestions? The full url is ..

    PS: if it means anything … I was using the Grimelda Theme

    Conclusion on this matter. it seems that besides my main /blog/ directory .. I have either manually inserted (or a plug-in copied it without my knowledge??) the .htaccess into my /blog/wp-content directory as well. Once I deleted this, everything went back to normal. Sorry to waste cyberspace, unless someone else can learn from this error and benefit.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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